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Software Description: Ashampoo MyAutoPlay Menu v1. + Crack

When you insert a commercial program disc it will often startautomatically with a graphical menu that lets you make choices likeinstalling a program, displaying a web page, viewing documentationor information material and so on.

Building these discs and menus manually is a lot of work andrequires programming skills – and even if you have the skills ittakes a long time.

Ashampoo MyAutoPlay Menu takes all the work out ofbuilding autoplay discs with a simple point-and-click interface.And it includes CD and DVD burning so that you can create yourfinished discs without leaving the program.

In addition to CDs and DVDs, Ashampoo MyAutoPlay Menu can alsobuild USB thumb drives that “autoplay” directly on insertion,complete with interactive multi-page menus. You can build discswith multiple slide shows and movies with a navigation menu. Or youcan create USB thumb drives with a collection of portableapplications and a navigation menu for selecting them.

On the other hand, you will also have the possibility to createyour content to a folder on your PC that you can later copy andfurther process.

When the disc or USB thumb drive is inserted a graphical menu isdisplayed for user interaction. You can also design and display a“splash screen” – a graphical page that displays for a shortdefinable period before the menu appears. You can create multi-pagemenus with buttons for executing functions and navigating betweenthe menu pages, with animated transitions between the pages. Buttonfunctions include starting programs, opening documents, opening webpages, creating emails and a wide range of options for navigatingbetween your menu screens. You can add background music or soundsin a wide variety of formats to play once or loop while the menusare displayed.

Note: The application provides two installation modes. TheExpress one will install MyAshampoo browser toolbar, and willchange the user-defined homepage and the browser search engine. Ifyou do not want any changes to be applied to your system, you areadvised to select the Custom installation.

Here are some key features of “Ashampoo MyAutoPlay Menu[EASTER GIVEAWAY]”:
– Build your own CDs, DVDs or USB thumb drives that run oninsertion – include any programs or content you want
– Create a multi-page interactive user control interface that runsas a stand-alone application or displays in a web browser
– Includes CD/DVD burning functions with Ashampoo`s advanced discburning technology
– User-designable splash screen for automatic display
– Add background music or sounds that play once or loop while themenu is open
– Add buttons for navigation and functions (switch between menupages, start programs, open files and folders, display web pages,send email, quit etc.)
– Advanced graphical menu editor with background images, images,buttons, geometric shapes, text, circular text (text on a curve),tables etc.
– Live preview function – test the finished menu directly with fullfunctionality before building
– Acquire images: Load images directly from a scanner, camera,Windows clipboard, the Internet, files or other sources
– Selection of predesigned themes and button layouts for yourmenus, splash screens and buttons
– Animated transitions between menu screens
– Use your own icons for the program and the disc/thumb drives

Installer Size: 16.69 MB

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