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DVD-Ranger v3.5.1.3 Crack


Software Description: DVD-Ranger v3.5.1.3 + Full Crack

DVD-Ranger is the complete solution for DVDcopying and converting. The program includes all standard copyingand converting tools, as well as a variety of aditional functionsand modules that can be used to enhance your copy experience.
DVD-Ranger easily overcomes the flaws of our competitor’s classicburning applications, and represents a revolutionary solutionsupported by our own design innovations: The HotFix Manager utilityand the Physxtech Enhancement, both based on our super-speed, highperformance copying algorithm.DVD copying applications will neverlook the same after you try the new DVD-Ranger. Packed up with twopowerful features, the DVD-Ranger outshines any competition. TheHotFix Manager is a unique utility that allows you to create HotFixdatabases that are used by the DVD-Ranger for copying even thenewest DVD releases, without requiring any updates.

– DVD-Ranger has the best quality &speed:
DVD-Ranger comes with “Sonic Speed” and a unique recompressionalgorithm which is based on physically-correct motion detection.This results in a dramatical increase in quality and a tremendousimprovement in rendering for a true-to-life movie experience.
– GPU Acceleration:
Video encodings are now faster than ever on CUDA capable graphicscards. Now HD encodings have become feasible as they now usuallytake 50 minutes instead of 6 hours to finish. Offloading thetranscoding work to the GPU means a more responsive system and lessCPU stress at higher conversion speeds.
– Mobilize your DVD to iPod, PSP and manymore:
Make mobile copies of your favorite Video DVD. DVD-Ranger supportsa wide range of mobile players like iPod, PSP and Zune., Zen,Nexus, Nintendo DS, Walkman, iPad and many more.
– Convert your DVD to real HD:
Backup your common Video-DVD to Blu-Ray (up to 10 Video DVDs fit ona single Blu-Ray). Upscale your 480i or 480p DVD to 720p or 1080pHigh Definition Video. Burn it to Blu-Ray. With Physxtech, ourunique motion detection algorithm, you will obtain the best qualitybackups.
– Detailed settings:
Every mobile compression profile in DVD-Ranger is customizablegiving you more flexibility to achieve your desired results. Theetailed settings include the possibility to change the otherwisefixed audio and video bitrate of mobile profiles
 – combine a variety of video resolutions with the most commonaudio sample rates
 – choose between codecs allowed by your selected mobiledevice
 – apply zoom settings to remove the black letterboxes
 – boost the volume of too quiet audio tracks
– You can do nothing wrong by changing this settings as we ensurethat the resulting video stream is playable by your selected mobiledevice.
– HotFix Manager/Editor:
DVD copying applications will never look the same after you try thenew DVD-Ranger. Packed up with two powerful features, theDVD-Ranger outshines any competition. The HotFix Manager is aunique utility that allows you to create HotFix databases that areused by the DVD-Ranger for copying even the newest DVD releases,without requiring any updates.
– Create ISO, burn ISO and backup from ISO:
With DVD-Ranger you can burn already created and copied discimages. DVD-Ranger supports all Dual Layer/Single Layer/Blu-Raydiscs and burners. Additionally, it supports all SCSI, IDE, USB DVDburners/recorders.
– Default MovieOnly Menu:
DVD-Ranger allows you to add a menu to Movie Only copies. Thisprevents the DVD to start automaticly after being inserted into theplayer.

Installer Size: 16.45 MB

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