Mon. May 10th, 2021
FaxMail for Windows v17.06.24 Crack


Software Description: FaxMail for Windows v17.06.24 + Crack

FaxMail for Windows is a lightweight piece ofsoftware designed to help you send and receive faxes via modem,email or over the Internet. Incoming fax can be forwarded to aspecified email address as TIFF or PDF files. During theinstallation procedure, it’s necessary to configure a wide range ofsettings, including modem connection properties and ownerinformation. Afterward, the app gets integrated into the Windowsautostart sequence, so it gets automatically launched every timeyou turn on your computer. This can be later disabled from thesettings panel. Unfortunately, FaxMail FaxMail for Windows’interface has outdated graphical elements. It definitely needs aredesign in this regard. Other than that, it keeps all optionsneatly organized in a menu bar.

Here are some key features of “FaxMail forWindows”:
– Send and receive faxes over the Internet
– You can put together a contacts list, manage entries, look upinformation rapidly, remove duplicates, export and import entries,customize the font, sort the contacts by various criteria, as wellas redefine the header buttons.
– Edit the fax cover page
– Broadcast faxes to a bunch of people
– Use OCR to import faxes
– Minimize the program to the systray
– Show notifications on incoming faxes
– Create session log files
– Change the date and time format

Installer Size: 2.71 MB

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