Tue. Apr 20th, 2021
Alligator Flash Designer v8.0.17 Crack


Software Description: Alligator Flash Designer v8.0.17 + Full Crack

Flash Designer greatly simplifies the processof creating interactive Flash animations for the Web sites. Itallows to animate images, texts or shapes and add MP3 or WAV soundto the Flash movie.

Designers can use more than 130 predefined animation effects likeFade, Zoom, Rotate, Flips. Built-in browser provides Flashanimation preview. Users can import existing GIF animations, SWFclips or JPEG images.

Novice Webmasters can export HTML code necessary to integrate Flashfiles with their Web page. Flash Designer exports SWF files, sizeoptimized for faster display. Advanced users can use ActionScriptto program mouse over or click events.

This version has to offer new roll-over buttons, unicode support,path animations, intro and outro sounds and sound volume control,new built-in gradients, tools for free-hand drawing and bitmaptracing.

Here are some key features of “Alligator FlashDesigner”:
– Animate images, shapes, texts and SWF clips
– Use more than 130 predefined animation effects like Fade, Zoom,Rotate
– Export SWF files and generate necessary HTML code
– Add WAV and MP3 sounds
– Use ActionScript to create interactive movies

Installer Size: 6.2 MB

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