Fri. May 14th, 2021
ImageBadger Deluxe v4.947 Crack


Software Description: ImageBadger Deluxe v4.947 Keygen Crack

ImageBadger is a cutting-edge batch processingand image conversion software which supports over 140+ imageformats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, PSD, BMP, ICON and PSP. Allfeatures are available through commandline calls.

Save time when working with a batch of images. Convert and processimages from the Windows Explorer right-click menu. Easily resizeand rotate images, enhance your images with more than 40 imagefilters, turn any image into an icon, make thumbnail images, createpencil drawings of photos, copy images to clipboard from WindowsExplorer and much more!

Here are some key features of”ImageBadger”:
Convert images in just 2 clicks from WindowsExplorer:
– Right-click the image(s), and choose the desired imageformat.

Batch conversion and processing:
– Easily handle thousands of images at once.

Quickly resize and rotate images:
– Creating thumbnails and enlarging images is no longer ahassle.

Choose output location of the convertedimages:
– Flexible options when it comes to where to store the images.

Customize the right-click menu:
– Add or remove image formats and filter profiles from theright-click menu.

Commandline Support:
– Access all of ImageBadger’s powers through commandlineparameters.

– Save and load image lists.
– Easily copy images to the clipboard.
– Preview images before and after applying filters.
– While converting you can pause and abort the process.
– Customize the filename of the converted images.
– Extract each frame of animated/multi-page images.
– Customizable image format options.
– Preview all added images in the main window.
– ImageBadger guides you through the program with badger-tips.

Installer Size: 8.7 MB

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