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Interactive Physics v9.0.3 Crack


Software Description: Interactive Physics v9.0.3 Cracked

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math: Interactive Physicsis the perfect match for STEM education InteractivePhysics, the award-winning educational software fromDesign Simulation Technologies, makes it easy to observe, discover,and explore the physical world through exciting simulation. Thiseasy-to-use program will support the most basic to complex topicsin STEM education.NASA uses Interactive Physics to support STEMeducation in their teacher development program.Create anyexperiment imaginable with an easy-to-use interface. InteractivePhysics allows you to model, simulate, and explore a wide varietyof physical phenomena, and create nearly any experiment imaginable.If you can use a mouse, you can use Interactive Physics.

Interactive Physics is a powerful tool for discovery learningand helps students visualize and learn abstract concepts. Itdevelops inquiry skills and physics knowledge by allowing the userto vary nearly any physical parameter (e.g., gravity, force, speed,spring constants) and to measure its effect on nearly anymeasurable quantity (e.g., position, energy, decibel level).

Here are some key features of “InteractivePhysics”:
– Create objects by drawing circles, blocks, and polygons
– Measure velocity, acceleration, force, energy, etc., in metric orEnglish units
– Create ropes, springs, dampers, pulleys, slots, actuators, andmotors
– Simulate contact, collisions, and friction
– Vary air resistance, gravity, or material properties
– View results as numbers, graphs, and animated vectors
– Hear and measure sound volumes, sound frequencies, and Dopplereffects
– Create visually appealing presentations by attaching graphics toobjects

Installer Size: 148.92 MB

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