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Lumariver Profile Designer v1.0.4 x64 Crack


Software Description: Lumariver Profile Designer v1.0.4 x64 + Activation Crack

Contrary to popular belief, the camera profile rather than thecamera sensor is the key factor in how colors appear in our digitalphotographs. However, due to legacy thinking rooted in the analogdays, camera manufacturers and raw converter makers still feed uswith “canned looks”. As a result colors are unpredictable, tuned tosomeone else’s taste, so when you move between camera models or rawconverters your color expression is forced to change with it.
We think that there is a better solution: break free from thecanned looks and take control over your own color expression bymaking your own camera profiles. You get a good stable baseline foryour own post-processing, regardless of camera brand or model,regardless of which raw converter you choose to use.

Lumariver Profile Designer is a software thatmakes profiles for your camera (or scanner), either in DNG CameraProfile (DCP) or ICC format, thus supporting almost all rawconverters on the market. Like any profile maker it can be used forreproduction (copying artwork and similar), but it’s alsospecifically designed to make great general-purpose profiles whichprovide both accurate and attractive colors. Profiles ideal for anysubject — portrait, product, documentary, wildlife, landscape,architecture, etc — and serves as a sane realistic baseline foryour creative post-processing.
While being the most advanced profile design software on the marketit has well-tuned default settings which makes it easy for thecasual user to make a profile in only a few button presses.
It’s well documented including simple step-by-step guides for thecasual user, and advanced tutorials for users that want to drilldeeper into the finer details of profile making — a task that isboth science and art. Lumariver Profile Designer takes the artaspect seriously and provides the tools needed to actively designyour profile.

Here are some key Features:
– Make DNG profiles, single or dual-illuminant.
– Make ICC profiles, including those with special curve treatmentlike Capture One requires.
– Make general-purpose profiles with a tone curve, using a state ofthe art tone reproduction operator for natural and realistic yetattractive colors.
– Well-tuned defaults provide easy workflows and excellent resultsto beginners and casual users.
– A rich well-documented feature set provides advanced users withdetailed possibilities to customize both accuracy tradeoffs andmake and tune subjective looks, if desired.
– Designed for design
  – Load and view additional images to make A/B comparisonsbetween different images and profiles for an efficient designworkflow (supports white balance and exposure adjustments).
  – Design custom looks with the look adjustments editor.
  – Design or load custom curves or use presets in the tonecurve editor.
  – Several tone operator alternatives with options.
  – Several gamut compression options.
  – Purpose-made user interfaces to (optionally) manually tunethe matrix optimization and LUT optimization.
– Flexible — make everything from simple matrix-only profiles toadvanced dual-illuminant DNG profiles with multiple LUTs.
– Inspect and compare images with a color value inspectorsupporting multitude of color spaces and color difference.
– Flatfield correction to handle unevenly lit targets.
– Make reproduction profiles (colorimetric profiles), using aspecial mode stream-lined for that purpose.
– 2.5D or 3D LUT (general-purpose and reproduction LUTs.)
– Matching statistics for both the matrix-only and LUT parts of thecolorimetric base profile.
– Built-in support for many of the most popular profilingtargets.
  – Built-in full spectrum reference data, or load yourown.
– Define your own custom targets in grid form or free-form.
– Import custom targets with raw data.
– Combine several targets using the multi-target feature.
– Lights: built-in full spectrum standard illuminants, black-bodyat custom temperature, or load custom spectrum.
– Simulate color appearance differences in different lights.
– Target customization and multi-target merging features.
– Tool to inspect and hand-edit ICC and DNG profiles.
– Create ZIP archives of the projects including all images andfiles for easy archival and sharing.

Installer Size: 18.6 MB

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