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Software Description: MAX+PLUS II BASELINE v10.2 Crack

MAX+PLUS II software is intended only tosupport legacy designs. MAX+PLUS II software does not support MAXII CPLDs, Cyclone™ FPGAs, or Stratix™ FPGAs. Quartus II software isAltera’s primary development software and supports Altera’s newestdevice families and most older device families.

Here are some key Features of “MAX+PLUS II”:
Device Support:
– The MAX+PLUS II BASELINE software includes support for selectedFLEX, ACEX and MAX devices.
Synthesis Support:
– If your designs include VHDL or Verilog HDL you can use thirdparty synthesis software from Mentor Graphics, Synopsys, orSynplicity or you can download the MAX+PLUS II Advanced Synthesissoftware to use with MAX+PLUS II BASELINE software. You can alsoupgrade to the Quartus II Web Edition software that now includesintegrated VHDL and Verilog HDL synthesis, delivers the fastestpush-button performance for supported FPGA & CPLD devicefamilies, and supports selected devices from Altera’s latest devicefamilies.

Installer Size: 68.3 MB

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