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OpenCanvas v6.2.04 x86/x64 Crack


Software Description: OpenCanvas v6.2.04 x86/x64 + Full Crack

openCanvas is an efficient application thatwill allow users to load and edit images or create certainpaintings.

You can learn how to draw a line, paint a color, and more with thisfunction! Your favorite illustration will become your drawingsample. There are various pens, brushes, layers, and filters, thatwill expand your creativity.

When you look at someone’s illustration, have you ever thought”how can I draw like this?”. openCanvas has the function thatenables you to record/reply the illustration procedure. There arefunction s such as “Event Log” it is the function that lists up thedrawing procedure, and “Replay Speed Adjustment”.

Here are some key features of “openCanvas”:
– “Pen” and “Brush”: enables you to create various expressions.
– There are various strokes, such as a fountain pen, watercolor,and many more.
– You can easily edit your own “Pen” and “Brush” strokes. Also youcan apply a saved Bitmap image to “Pen”, that will expand yourcreativity even more.
– “Filter”, “Layers”, “Tone”: gives you more functions.
– Filter (Levels, Hue / Saturation, Blur, Emboss, Clouds etc)
– Layers (Multiply, Screen, Overlay etc)
– Tone 23 Default Types
– You can easily create your own Tone with our exclusiveinterface.
– Intelligible Interface – openCanvas uses GUI “Graphical UserInterface”, therefore it is easy to handle.
– The Tool Palettes has an automatic adjustment, docking, andfolding functions, that will enable you to use workspaceeffectively.
– Color Picker – 4 types 18 varieties
Preset Editor:
– You can easily create your own Pen, Brush, Tone, andGradient.
Hand Tool:
– When you use the Hand Control, the cursor becomes “Hand” shape.Then you can control the “Pan,” “Rotate,” and “Zoom” function atthe same time.

Installer Size: 5.98+ 6.34 MB

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