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THESEUS-FE v6.1 x64 Crack


Software Description: THESEUS-FE v5.1.08 x64 Crack Patch

THESEUS-FE is a professional software tool forsteady-state and fully transient thermal management applicationslike complete cabin interior analysis including passenger comfortstudies. It is designed for the use in automotive, transportationand aerospace industry mainly but is applicable for other marketstoo.
THESEUS-FE stands out due to its new, innovative, easy-to-learn andclear structured graphics user interface (GUI) and provides expertsand beginners a highly-sophisticated tool to configure and evaluatethermal systems easily, from simple examples until complexchallenges. The GUI saves time setting-up models, and cutting-edgealgorithms deliver the solution faster than other software codes.The resultant timesaving yields shorter product development timesand greater engineering efficiency. The speed and accuracy broughtby THESEUS-FE to your company will be an enormous benefit for allyour pre-designed projects and an aid in the design optimizationeither.
The combination between robust solution strategies and low hardwarerequirements make quick parameter studies possible in terms ofdifferent load cases or modified material combinations.

Here are some key features of “THESEUS-FE”:
– State-of-the-art, user friendly, intuitive, clearly arranged andfunctional Graphical User Interface (GUI)
– Written entirely in portable C++ using OpenGL, HDF, QT and OpenCascade technology
– Balloon help, shortcuts and functional keys, dynamic pop-upmenus, 3-wheel mouse support
– Floating/dockable property dialogs, user customisable andindividual settings
– Two face coloured shell elements for pre- and post-processing
– Windows look and feel on all platforms
– Available for Windows & Linux (32/64-Bit)
– Easy data sharing by single-file data storage
– Integrated Python console for automation
– Seamless integrated link to Flowmaster2 and TISC
– Model size limitation only by available system resources
– Full solver control within the GUI including all solverparameters and mesh quality control
– Message window and status line to keep your actions transparentand check your input on plausibility
– NASTRAN mesh import filter with unit scaling feature
– ANSA colour and name comment import filter
– Multiple viewports with or without fully synchronisation and viewmemorize/restore buttons
– Wireframe, shaded, wireless, transparent and face orientationdisplay and presentation modes
– Rubber-band or individual part, element, solid boundary and nodalselection modes
– Individual settings for each part, full 16 million colourRGB-space support
– Customisable toolbar icons, dynamic coloured data tree icons
– PNG, JPG, BMP and PS/EPS export filter
– Integrated table tool with dynamic row-and-column sizing as wellas paste-and-copy functionality (e.g. to Excel)
– Fully customisable “Excel-like” diagram plotting of your tableddata with two secondary axes possible
– Huge default automotive material data base, which can be easilyextended to individual needs
– Unlimited amount of material layers for each compositematerial
– Default winter / summer clothing ensembles for local and globalmanikin models
– Im-/export of material and group boundary data bases
– Quick geometry exchange by destroy and replacement method
– Easy element grouping by join and subtract buttons
– Add keyword line tool offering full flexibility to adapt extremeload cases to individual needs
– Direct HDF import with dynamic result browser
– PNG, JPG, BMP and PS/EPS export filter
– Elemental, nodal and averaged part result display (with resultson both shell faces simultaneously)
– Multi result 2D diagram plotting with individual diagram settingsand mouse-wheel zooming
– Transient result plotting and probe values of individual elementsand nodes as well as history plots
– HDF Translator to many commercial post-processors (like EnSight,Fieldview, Tecplot, PATRAN)
– Colour legend range scaling and min/max location display
– View factor patch and result visualisation

Installer Size: 178.92 MB

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