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VectorWorks v2018 SP3 Crack


Software Description: VectorWorks v2018 SP3 + Activation Crack

VectorWorks is a full-featured, versatile 2Dand 3D CAD platform dedicated to professional architects anddesigners, which delivers a wide set of tools ready to meet eventhe most demanding users.

Aside from the VectorWorks Designer and the Renderworks package,which are included in the trial edition, there are also othermodules that can be purchased separately, namely Fundamentals,Architect, Landmark, or Spotlight.

Create compelling CAD designs
Relying on the powerful rendering engine of CINEMA 4D, VectorWorkscan produce accurate designs, enabling you to bring your ideas tolife. It is compatible with some of the most widely-used fileformats, such as DXF, DWG, DWF, EPSF, 3DS, PDF, SAT, Shapefile,IGES, Rhino, Parasolid and so on, while also featuring importingcapabilities for SketchUp 3D models.

Depending on what you want to use VectorWorks for, you can downloadand install one or more libraries during setup, using the so-called’VectorWorks Package Manager’. The available collections includearchitectural objects for building designs, landscape elements,furniture, light systems and so on.

CAD tool for architects and entertainmentdesigners
VectorWorks Designer enables you to create simple to complexdesigns and generate BIM (Business Information Models) and SIM(Site Information Modeling) capabilities for your project. Thisway, you can accompany a model with complete documentation toinclude material analysis, cost and energy efficiency estimations,as well as building surrounding inspection.

But the great thing about VectorWorks is its versatility: it is notlimited to architectural modeling, but covers others areas, such astechnical modeling (for mechanical components) or scenic andlighting design, which is specific to television and theentertainment sector, in general.

Powerful CAD tool that meets industrystandards
Based on cutting edge technology, VectorWorks delivers a plethoraof tools and options ready to help you create professional-lookingdesigns and compelling product presentations. With its help, theroad from concept to the 3D model and documentation is shorter.

Thanks to a powerful engine, it is capable of rendering complexmodels, while the sketch rendering capabilities enable you to turnsimple drawings into stylish hand-sketched designs.

Installer Size: 2600 MB

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