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ViewCompanion Premium v11.02 x86/x64 Crack


Software Description: ViewCompanion Premium v11.02 x86/x64 Crack

ViewCompanion application supports, at import,a pretty long list of formats, such as PLT, HPG, PDF, EPS, DWF,DXF, CGM, TIF, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, DCX, TGA, ZIP and VPR, whileexport is possible using PDF, PS, DWF, DXF, CAL, GBR, GIF, PLT,PCX, PNG, SVG, EMF, BMP, WMF and TIF file extensions.
Moreover, you can compare any two files, regardless of theirformat, and generate multiple reports in the same time, using a CSVor XML format, for further analysis and use. Batch conversions issupported, using the formats aforementioned at import and export,as well as batch printing.

Conversion is one of the major features available inViewCompanion, and the following output formats are supported:
-Adobe PDF and PDF/A
-Adobe Postscript®
-Autodesk DWF
-Autodesk DXF
-CALS Group 4 Raster
-Computer Graphics Metafile
-Gerber RS-274X
-GIF Raster
-JPEG Raster
-JPEG2000 Raster
-Paintbrush PCX (PCX)
-Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
-Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
-TIFF Raster
-Windows Bitmap (BMP)
-Windows Enhanced Metafile (EMF)
-Windows Metafile (WMF)

 If you need to distribute drawings, e.g. on the Internet, youcan convert your drawings to Autodesk Drawing Web Format (DWF),Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) or Adobe PDF. All these formats arevery popular for distributing drawings.
You can convert multiple files of different formats to a singlemulti-page PDF, DWF or TIFF file.
ViewCompanion can split a multi-page PDF, PDF or DWF files intoseveral single paged files.

Your PLT, PDF, CGM and DWF files can be converted to Autodesk DXFformat, which can be read by almost all CAD application, e.g.:Autodesk AutoCAD and Microstation.
Both batch conversion and printing is included. The software can beconfigured to monitor a user selected folder, and all files copiedto that folder will be automatically printed.
ViewCompanion gives you advanced functions for zooming and panning,and you can view your files fast and accurate.

Use Viewcompanion’s precise tools to measure dimension lengths andareas. You can measure using snap to drawing geometry for highestaccuracy. Calibration of the measurement tools is available to makesure you get correct results if your drawings are not 1:1. Themeasurement results may be exported to csv, which can be loadedinto Excel or any other spreadsheet application.

With ViewCompanion Premium you can add markups to the loaded file.Supported markup elements include rectangles, lines, dimensionlines, area measurements, ellipses, polygons, text, arrows, stampsand images.
You can select one of the predefined stamps or create your own.User defined symbol libraries makes it easy to add frequently usedsymbols as markups. Hyperlinks can be added to markup elements, anda hyperlink can either open another drawing inside ViewCompanion,or open an Internet location (URL) using the default browser.
All markup elements are stored in a separate file and the originalfile will be left unmodified.
The markup elements can optionally be included when the viewed fileis printed or converted.
You can export markup elements as Autodesk DXF, Autodesk DWF, CGMand other formats.

ViewCompanion Premium Key Features:
– View, markup, convert and print files of different formats.
– Conversion to a large number of standard formats, see below for alist of supported formats.
– Extensive set of command line parameters available for conversionand printing.
– Batch Printing and Conversion is included.
– Add footer and header containing date, scale, time, filename andcustom text when printing.
– Add print watermark using text or a raster image.
– Color, Black & White or Grayscale Printing and Conversion.
– Scaled print or fit to paper.
– Poster mode for printing big format drawings on multiple sheets,e.g. print an A0 drawing in full size using multiple A4 sheets.
– N-up printing mode, also known as multiple pages per paper sheetprinting.
– Print to all Windows supported plotter and printer devices.
– Markup by using lines, text, rectangles, ellipses, images,polygons, arrows, stamps, dimension lines and measurementareas.
– Include markups during printing and conversion.
– Drag and Drop supported. Both single and multiple files.
– Customizable GUI. Choose between ribbon or classic menu/toolbarbased interface.
– Shell Extension for easy access to functions inside ExplorerWindow and a full preview of the selected file.
– Compare two files and visualize the differences.
– Compare two multi-page PDF files, page by page.
– Overlay up to 10 files and print as one drawing.
– User defined pen table for full control of colors, styles andwidths.
– Distance measurement with entity snap.
– Polygonal area measurements with entity snap.
– DDE Interface for easy integration with other programs.
– Send the viewed file by E-Mail, either as PDF or in the originalformat.
– Copy a selected region, or whole drawing, to clipboard, and pasteinto another Windows application.
– Text search and extract.
– Store commonly used files in projects.
– Easy to use installation and uninstallation software.
– The Multiple Document Interface (MDI) makes it easy to viewseveral files at once.
– Use scanner to create a new raster file, or add to activefile.
– Powerful raster tools that include deskew, cleanup and more.
– Digitally sign and password protect PDF files.
– Open files directly from a ZIP archive.
– View and convert multi-page HPGL/2 (PLT) files.
– View and convert multi-page TIFF files.
– View and convert Adobe PDF, Postscript and EPS files.
– View and convert Autodesk DWF and DWFx 2D files.
– Extract vector data from PDF files and save as DXF, DWF, PLT, SVGand CGM (PDF to CAD conversion).

Installer Size: 24.6 + 32.1 MB

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