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PerfectClock Standard Edition v4.5.2 Crack


Software Description: PerfectClock Standard Edition v4.5.2 + Crack

PerfectClock will let you to know the time inany place all over the world without any calculations.

Each clock can show time in its own time-zone time. Clocks can stayon top of other windows, even on top of Task Manager and ScreenSaver.

Clocks can be Grouped to move them together, Locked to avoidoccasional movement or Hidden.

This application will support time synchronization with on-linetime servers (SNTP).

PerfectClock 2007 is based on flexible skin-engine:
– Skins are Semi-Transparent. This allows clocks to look perfect inany scale -Smooth Edges, Nice Arrows and Digits. GlobalTransparency is also available.
– Skins can contain Schemes and provide Additional Options foradvanced tweaking
–  Skins are scalable up to one pixel precision
– Skin designers can create skins imitating any watch in realworld: Dates, Days Of Week, Months and more – in digital and analogstyles.

PerfectClock installation package contains seven skins: fourdigital and three analog. Bonus skins: CHANEL J12, CHANEL PREMIEREand two SWATCH watches skins.

Perfect Clock is localizable. English and Russian translations arecurrently available.

Here are some key features of”PerfectClock”:
– Smart Rendering – Rendering engine is built using high qualitylibraries. This allows clock to look perfect: Smooth Edges, NiceArrows and Digits. Skin Engine uses PNG image format, that makesclock edges to look smooth over any background or application.
– Skin Schemes – Each skin can contain several styled images. Thisallows not to download several skins called “Skin: Red Scheme”,”Skin: Blue Scheme”: but download just one skin containing all theSchemes designed. Smart Memory usage optimization let’s not towaste memory for unused schemes.
– Precise Scaling – Rendering engine allows to scale your clock upto one pixel precision not losing a quality. You can scale a clockto about a full screen or make it several pixels size. Anyway itwill look perfect.
– Skin Specific Options – Each skin is adjustable using it’s ownspecific options created by skin designer. For example: Chronograph/ Simple clock face, Hiding / Showing Hands, Hiding / Displayingseconds or any other specific option that becomes available for youto toggle it on or off. This provides you a perfect flexibilityadjusting your clock look.
– Transparency – Clock transparency is adjustable. This can help tomake clock on Desktop not so boring.
– Scriptable Skins – Unlimited Freedom for Skin Designers – Skin isa script, in fact. This gives designers an unlimited freedomcreating their own clocks. Script Engine supports If-Then-Elsestatements, Variables, Options, Arithmetical calculations,Perspective Correction, Memory Usage optimization statements andmore. Skin designers can create skins imitating any watch in realworld: Dates, Days Of Week, Months, Moon Phases, Sun Rise and SunSet, Zodiac Signs and more – in digital and analog styles or:anything they can imagine.
– Clock Helpers – Perfect Usability – Any Clock on your desktop canbe temporary Hidden. An unlimited number of Clocks can be Groupedto move them together. Any Clock can be locked to avoid occasionalmovement or scale change.

Installer Size: 20.9 MB

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