Fri. Apr 16th, 2021
Database Designer for PostgreSQL v1.10.6.1047 Crack


Software Description: Database Designer for PostgreSQL v1.10.6.1047 Keygen Crack

Database Designer for PostgreSQL is an easyCASE tool with intuitive graphical interface allowing you to builda clear and effective database structure visually, see the completepicture (diagram) representing all the tables, references betweenthem, views, stored procedures and other objects. Then you caneasily generate a physical database on a server, modify itaccording to any changes you made to the diagram using fast ALTERstatements.

Here are some key features of “Database Designer forPostgreSQL”:
Simple physical database creation by using a wizard;
Database structure generation;
Database modification: generation of ALTER statements to bring adatabase to the state of the diagram;
Reverse engineering (import) of existing databases from multiplesources;
Export of a diagram to popular graphics formats;
Database structure reports generation;
Cheking a diagram for errors;
Merging of diagrams;
Ability to print diagram out on multiple pages;
Support of PostgreSQL server starting from 7.4 and a partialsupport of PostgreSQL 7.3;
Works natively under Windows OS family and Linux underWine/WineHQ.

Installer Size: 22.64 MB

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