Wed. Jun 16th, 2021
DataWeigher v3.4 Crack


Software Description: DataWeigher v3.4 + Activation Crack

The DataWeigher is the tool to compare andsynchronize data of MS Access databases. You can select any tablesand fields from two MS Access databases and DataWeigher findsdifferences. The comparison result is very visual, each type ofrecords (added, deleted, changed) has its own color. You can savethe detected changes as a report or SQL script to synchronizedata.

Here are some Key features of”DataWeigher”:
– Databases’ content comparison
– Databases’ content synchronization
– Visual representation of the comparison result
– SQL script generation to synchronize databases
– Excel, HTML, CSV export
– User-friendly wizard interface
– Data comparison of several tables at once
– Automatical selection tables and fields to compare
– Manual selection tables and fields to compare

Installer Size: 2.25 MB

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