Sat. Jun 19th, 2021
ScreenSteps Pro v2.9.1 Build 14 Crack


Software Description: ScreenSteps Pro v2.9.1 Build 14 + Crack

Everyone loves visual documentation. It is so much easier to seea picture of what you need to do as opposed to reading lengthyinstructions.
ScreenSteps makes creating visual training almosteffortless:
Capture each step of the process you are trying to teach. Theimages are automatically sequenced in the order you took them. Cropimages and add highlights to focus on the pertinent areas of thescreen.

Go back and add text describing each step. You shouldn’t have towrite too much since the pictures will show each step of theprocess.
Export your lesson to PDF or HTML. You can even create your ownHTML and XML templates.

You can literally create visual detailed lessons in 5 to 10 minuteswith our ScreenSteps software.

Here are some key features of “ScreenSteps”:
– Built in screen capture
– Crop Tool
– Annotation Tools: Circle, Square, Rounded Square
– Adjust annotations at any time (non-destructive annotation)
– Integrates with third party screen capture applications such asSnagIt (Windows) and Snapz (Mac)
– Integrates with any image editor
– Automatically sequences your captures in the order you tookthem
– Easily reorder or replace images
– Assemble your steps in Thumbnail view and then add text inPreview mode for a better view of your images
– Export to PDF, HTML or your own custom HTML/XML templates

Installer Size: 8.02 MB

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