Sun. May 9th, 2021
Systools SQL Server Recovery Manager v1.0 Crack


Software Description: Systools SQL Server Recovery Manager v1.0 Crack

SysTools SQL Server Recovery Manager Software(SQL Admin Tool) restores corrupt master database & also helpsto analyze data from SQL Server MDF, NDF & LDF File.

Recover SQL Server Database
The SQL Server management toolkit offers you the option to recovercorrupt database files. You can open and recover both SQL PrimaryDatabase file as well as Secondary Database file.

Analyze Complete Log Database
Process an intact SQL Server Log database file & perform itsanalysis. All INSERT, DELETE, & UPDATE transactions carried outon the corresponding database can be viewed and analyze with themanagement toolkit.

Restore Single / Multiple Backup
The backup recovery module of SQL Server manager allows you to loadand restore a corrupt or healthy SQL Server database backup file(BAK). The manager doesn’t impose any kind of limitation on thesize of the backup.

Reset Lost SQL SA Password
Both, Unknown as well as Empty passwords from SQL MDF can be resetwith the toolkit. Password displayed as Unknown means the databaseis protected. While Empty means that you don’t have the passwordand can login without a password.

Decrypt Encrypted SQL Scripts
Decryption of encrypted SQL Server scripts from Live SQLEnvironment can be performed with this manager toolkit. Onceencryption has been removed from the script, it can be previewedbefore being exported.

Restore SQL Server Master Data
The software facilitates to restore master database from SQLServer. All master files & default files of SQL Database likemaster.mdf model, MSDBdata.mdf, tempdb.mdf, model.mdf recovery iscarried out by the tool

Activity Log Report Generated
An overall activity log is generated by the toolkit. This logreport can be seen on the main panel of the manager with detailslike: application name, filedatabase name, SQL Server version,Size (MB), & DateTime.

Support All SQL Server Versions
The SQL manager supports all Microsoft SQL Server versionssuccessfully.

Open & Preview MDF Elements
With the viewer module of SQL Server Recovery Manager you can loadand preview corrupt/healthy Master Database File without SQL Serverenvironment. The MDF file can be of any given size, as no sizelimitations are imposed.

Installer Size: 10 MB

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