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VisualGDB v5.0 Preview 2 Crack


Software Description: VisualGDB v5.0 Preview 2 Crack Serial

VisualGDB seamlessly integrates GCC, GDB andGNU Make into Visual Studio allowing you to save time debuggingyour embedded, Linux or MacOS applications. The key VisualGDBfeatures are:
– Fully integrated debugging. Enjoy Visual Studio debuggingexperience while having GDB under the hood.
– Include directory import. Just click “Import include directories”to import the include files on your Linux box to IntelliSense.
– GDB Session window. Send your favourite GDB commands directly toGDB.
– Special full-custom mode. Create powerful building scripts forbuilding, deploying your application and running GDB.
– A special Android Edition with fully-automated NDK-basedbuilding, deployment and debugging.

1000+ modern devices. One IDE.
VisualGDB automatically installs all necessary tools and codelibraries to get your first project working with just a few mouseclicks. It supports STM32, Freescale Kinetis, NXP LPC, TIVA,MSP430, ESP8266 and many other devices.

Simply select your device in the wizard, connect the debug probeand you can start stepping through your first project.

Target your platform with Visual Studio
Intuitively develop, build and debug for C/C++ projects for:
– Barebone embedded systems and IoT modules (see full list)
– C/C++ Linux Applications
– Native Android Apps and Libraries
– Raspberry Pi and other Linux boards
– Linux kernel modules (separate VisualKernel product)
– Target your own devices and platforms with Extensibility API

Focus on your product, not the tools
VisualGDB will automatically install and configure the necessarytools:
– Embedded toolchains
– Cross-compilers for common Linux boards
– Compilers/debuggers on Debian- and RedHat-based Linux
– GDB Stub software like OpenOCD
All you need to do is choose your device from the list and startdeveloping! VisualGDB can also easily import your existing code ordebug code that is built elsewhere.

Powerful debugging experience
VisualGDB provides consistent Visual Studio debugging experiencefor local, SSH-based, JTAG-based debugging and many more. You hitF5, VisualGDB does the rest. Advanced debug features include:
– IntelliSense and preprocessor support in Watch windows
– Built-in SSH terminal and file transfer for Linux debugging
– Powerful custom actions to automate routine tasks
– Enter your own GDB commands and record command timings

Easy interface for complex tools
VisualGDB provides graphical interface for editing common settingsof most widely used build tools from GNU/Linux:

– Graphically edit Makefiles and synchronize source file lists
– Manage CMake targets and settings
– Create and maintain QMake files for Qt projects
– Precise IntelliSense for large imported CMake projects
– Use VisualGDB-generated Makefiles or import your own

Advanced IntelliSense with refactoring
VisualGDB includes a powerful Clang-based IntelliSense engine thatfully supports GCC-specific code and is integrated with Make, QMakeand CMake. Advanced features include:
– Create implementations for newly added methods
– Create-from-use for methods and constructors
– Automatic implementation of interfaces
– Edit-driven renaming with C++11 support
– Automatic corrections of common errors and typos
– Preprocessor lens to understand complex preprocessor macros
– Code Map for functions, methods, variables and more in C++code

Installer Size: 9.29 MB

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