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VMware ThinApp Enterprise v5.2.3 Build 6945559 Crack


Software Description: VMware ThinApp Enterprise v5.2.2 Build 4435715 Crack Serial

VMware ThinApp is designed to delivervirtualized instances of applications in order to help ITadministrators with software migration to a newer operating systemand eliminate specific conflicts and compatibility issues.

Using this program you can create an initial baseline of yoursystem, deploy or package software, check for specific differences.Configuration of the project settings is also available.

Before starting the virtualization procedure VMware ThinApp scansyour hard-drive and file registry to create a baseline of yoursystem. This operation should be done with a clean operatingsystem, in order to avoid compatibility problems.

Once the virtualized bundle is finished you can export it as an EXEor MSI and run it on multiple versions of Microsoft Windows withoutrepackaging it. The result can also be compressed, which decreasesthe file size and therefore makes it easier to share and use onmultiple devices.

The final output files are isolated one from each other and fromthe operating system, so any installation conflicts (if they exist)are eliminated.

The application provides an intuitive, wizard-driven interface forpackaging software and its settings into a single executable filethat can easily be used on multiple Windows operating systems forultimate portability. In addition, the program can be used forincreasing mobility – deploy, maintain and use various itemsdirectly on USB storage devices.

VMware ThinApp comes bundled with VMware Horizon ApplicationManager, an efficient and fast method to manage and deployapplications to users and groups of users.

The application supports 64-bit operating systems and a large arrayof programs such as Microsoft Office, Java-based software and more.However, it cannot virtualize some VPN clients, scanner and printerdrivers or security solutions (antivirus programs andfirewalls).

To wrap it up, VMware ThinApp is comprehensive and reliablesoftware for developers, IT administrators or software vendors; itsimplifies application virtualization, deployment and managementallowing for easy upgrading of the software packages on multiplesystems.

Here are some key features of “VMwareThinApp”:
– Application isolation: Isolated applications run in a virtualbubble in restricted user accounts without requiring any host
– modification: Deploy Office 97, 2003, 2007, and .NET applicationson the same OS without conflict as the applications run independentof one another.
– Zero-runtime execution: With no installed agent, no footprint isleft on the endpoint device. Applications run directly from thecompressed state without first caching data to the hard disk,achieving better performance and security of data.
– 100% User Mode execution: Client runs on locked-down, unmanaged“kiosk” PCs without Admin rights to execute applications, enablingit to be used on managed and unmanaged PC.
– Block-by-block network streaming: Applications virtualizedexecute once the minimum amount of code required to run theapplication is available in the desktop’s memory. For example, lessthan 10% of Microsoft Office needs to be physically streamed to theclient in order for it to run. LAN streaming has an averagestart-up time of just a few seconds.
– Sandbox environments for terminal services: Provide sandboxingfor applications running in a terminal services environment so thatmultiple users can run their own sandboxed application withoutaffecting each other. If one instance of the application tries tomake system-wide changes, other users running the same applicationsare not affected.
– 64-bit operating system support: Enables applications to bevirtualized and run on 64-bit systems.
– Execution on thin clients: Tested and certified to runvirtualized applications on Windows XP-based thin clients.
– Compatibility with a broad range of applications:
– Proven deployments on simple-to-complex applications ranging frombasic Microsoft Office to custom applications with Java or.NET.
– Active Directory integration: VMware ThinApp does not require anydistribution, streaming, or activation servers or agents. It workswith AD, ESD enforcement tools, and open protocols so no additionalhardware, software licenses and ongoing maintenance costs forbackend infrastructure is required.
– Execution from USB key with portable profiles/user settings:Enable a user to run critical applications from a USB key whilemaintaining corporate security requirements.
– Integration with 3rd-party application management solutions:Creates .MSI and/or .EXE file that plugs into existing electronicsoftware delivery systems (Inventory, Configuration ManagementDatabase, Definitive Software Library, Packagers) withoutadditional integrations required.
– Application Sync: Enables application updates for mobile users aswell as third parties on the corporate extranet, ensuringavailability of the latest version of the application, reducingpatch risks to machines that are taken off the network. Updatevirtual applications via http/https over the LAN or WAN leveragingexisting software delivery systems.
– Application Link: Allows packaged applications to dynamicallyestablish dependencies (“links”) with other packaged applications.Administers create separate packages of interdependent componentssuch as Java or .NET runtimes and the applications that rely onthem. Each component is delivered independently while sharingresources across multiple ThinApp packages.
– Package it once, deliver to many: Execute a packaged applicationon Windows NT, Windows PE, or XP Embedded without retesting orrepackaging the application for each operating system.
– System snapshots: Provides administrators with a rapid three-stepprocess for pre- and post-install system states for packagingsimplicity and for supporting applications that require a rebootduring the installation process.
– ISV embeddable: Organizations can deliver their customapplication throughout their extranet using VMware ThinAppapplication virtualization technology.

Installer Size: 17.7 MB

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