Fri. May 14th, 2021
WebExe v1.56 Crack


Software Description: WebExe v1.56 Full Crack

WebExe converts a single HTML page, or group ofpages, into one single, self-running EXE file with an integratedbrowser. Using this technology, manuals, product-catalogs, pricelists, e-zines and so much more, can easily be produced in acompact, easily viewed format.
For example, you can set the size of the browser window, theappearance of the menu bars, restrict functionality, such asprinting and copying from your file, and much more besides.
Your output file creation is a simple process. Starting from asingle HTML file, all embedded graphics, sounds and linked pagesare compiled into one single file.
This way the complete collection, or website, is worked throughsystematically with all files being collected and additionallycompressed using the ZIP algorithm.
Includes a detailed Help system and an electronic assistant, toguide you through all stages, right up to the creation of youroutput file, making WebExe an easy to use, enjoyableexperience.

Here are some key features of “WebExe”:
– no additonally software necessary for starting the exe files(independent from installed browsers)
– electronic assistant, who guides through all phases up to thecreation of the output file
– clear interface
– detailed help file
– beginning from a HTML-project’s start page all linked files arecollected
– the output files support 10 languages: Englisch, German, Spanish,Italian, French, Dutch, Esperanto, Portuguese, Afrikaans andSwedish
– many possibilities to control the browser’s attributes,functionality, and behavior
– functions like copy, search, print or save can be disabled
– a password or expiry date can be set
– full-text search in the output files
– the exe files have a very small overhead (less than 340 KB)
– all files are compressed using the ZIP algorithm (reduces thesize up to 50%)
– all pages and images are directly loaded and displayed frommemory without temporarily storing them on disk
– the integrated browser supports most HTML 3.2 specifications,many additional HTML 4 enhancements and various Cascading StyleSheet (CSS) properties

Installer Size: 1.68 MB

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