Mon. Apr 12th, 2021
CompeGPS Land v7.7.2 Crack


Software Description: CompeGPS Land v7.7.2 Cracked

Land is the ideal software to prepare, analyseand complement your itineraries with all kinds of information.Create unlimited tracks, routes and waypoints, convenientlyanalysed at home in graphs, datapages, tables… In addition, Landoffers you the possibility of simulating your itineraries with 3Dviews, using your own maps.

Create and edit tracks/routes
With Land software you can prepare your trips in detail at home.Once you have planned your route, send the content to your GPSdevice or smartphone easily.

Use Land software to open maps of any kind (topographical, vector,scanned, orthophoto maps and more), or even calibrate your ownpaper maps.

Extensive content accessible online
Access high-quality online maps (Open Street Maps, Open Cycle Maps,Mapquest, Mapnik, Google Maps and more) and routes from top onlinepatforms (Everytrail, GPSies, UtagawaVTT, TraceGPS…). Findyourself the perfect route for your next trip.

Create multimedia guides for your GPS
Design your own e-Roadbook including all kinds of information aboutyour route: add photographs, descriptions, links and even thecoordinates of the most important places.

Full analysis of saved data
View the route you took on the map, study the height differencegraphic and a host of other data, including distance, average speedand heart rate. You can also synchronise the photos you take duringthe route to the exact point on the track where you took them.Remember you can also share the route with your friends via e-mailor social networks, or else save it in your Dropbox account.

Installer Size: 37.92 MB

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