Mon. Apr 12th, 2021
ETA Dynaform v5.9.3 x64 Crack


Software Description: ETA Dynaform v5.9.3 x64 Keygen Serial

ETA Dynaform is a simulation software solutionspecifically developed to simulate the sheet forming process andanalyze the entire die system. This type of simulation and analysisallows organizations to bypass soft tooling, reduce tryout time,lower costs, increase productivity and improve cycle times. Itpromises an even more streamlined and robust experience with majorimprovements in blank/trim line development, the addition of AutoSCP and process templates, as well as a new license control.

Dynaform offers major improvements in blank/trim linedevelopment including combining the interface for blank developmentand trim line development. Improving efficiency, in this newversion it is now possible to develop the blank outline and trimline simultaneously. In addition, the user can now develop partialblank outlines and partial trim lines and develop a blank outlinewith a cut pattern. The new Auto SCP feature is used for automaticspringback compensation iterations. When running the springbackfunction in Dynaform, the user first defines the stamping stages.This is easily achieved using the step-by-step guided userinterface. The user then defines the tool to be compensated,compensation zone, compensation method, scale factor and iterationsfor a customized and accurate result. The job is submitted and,when completed, the program automatically checks the springbackamount and calls the solver to make a compensation adjustment forthe tooling mesh. The compensated tool then replaces the originaltool and multi-stage jobs are rerun until the ideal solution isfound.

Another helpful feature in Dynaform is the availability of processtemplates, which allow the user to define forming processes fortypical cases. The templates allow for a more efficient andstreamlined user experience by automatically creating the stageswithin the template for analysis. For example, a user can use aprocess template for a Fender/Hood inner or outer, a roof doorinner or outer, a lift gate inner or outer, etc. The user canimport and export to and from the saved template library.

Another exciting feature in Dynaform is a new license control withlicense roaming. This allows the user to borrow a license from theserver to use the software outside the network temporarily. The newlicense control also supports a redundant license server within thenetwork, which minimizes license server down time.

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