Wed. Jun 16th, 2021
FX Stat v3.008.1 Crack


Software Description: FX Stat v3.008.1 Keygen Serial

FX Stat is a statistics program designed forsecondary school teachers and students. Just what you need, withnothing extra. It is easy to use, powerful and does things the wayyou want them done. FX Stat creates a powerful, dynamic statisticalenvironment for the exploration of data in all of its forms.Students and teachers will love the ability to produce high-qualitystatistically correct graphics for use in tests, examinations,worksheets and assignments.

Here are some key features of “FX Stat”:
– Produce publication quality graphics for use in any Windows wordprocessor.
– Perform data manipulation and statistical analysis quickly andeasily. FX Stat promotes experimentation and visualisation.
– FX Stat contains useful data generation tools to help teacherscreate statistical questions.
– FX Stat allows for broken scales if you wish to use them (seeexample above.)
– FX Stat contains a wide variety of random number generators togreatly assist simulation exercises.
– FX Stat can produce frequency tables, cumulative frequency tablesand grouped data from raw data automatically.
– FX Stat can draw a large variety of statistical graphs including:Bar Graphs, Box & Whisker Plots, Column Graphs, Histograms, DotFrequency Plots, Line Graphs, Scatter Graphs, Frequency Polygons,Cumulative Frequency Graphs and Residuals Graphs
– Keep your copy up to date with our free upgrade service.
– Efofex is committed to making FX Stat suitable for the statisticscourses of all school systems. If FX Stat does not do something ordoes not do it the way you need it done, contact us and we will doour utmost to accommodate your needs.

Installer Size: 25.6 MB

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