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MiniTAB Express v1.5.0 Crack


Software Description: MiniTAB Express v1.51 + Activation Crack

Minitab Express is a statistical softwareapplication that was written specfically for introductory STATcourses.
Minitab Express is a more basic all-in-one software package forgraphical and statistical analysis, designed for students andprofessors teaching introductory statistics courses. MinitabExpress includes statistical analysis options such as hypothesistesting, regression, and ANOVA, but does not include many of theother advanced features that are available in Minitab.

Minitab Express provides all the tools you need to teachintroductory statistics, including Probability Distributions,Summary Statistics, Hypothesis Tests, Resampling, Regression,ANOVA, Time Series, and Control Charts.

Here are some key features of “MinitabExpress”:
A user-friendly interface makes data analysis easy.
Familiar Worksheets
Easily type, import, or copy and paste your data into familiarworksheets.

Intuitive Menus
Quickly access the statistics you need from menus and toolbarsorganized to complement leading textbooks.

Simple Dialogs
Complete simple dialogs that also allow you to create complementarygraphs within one analysis.

Accessible Output
Conveniently access, view, and export results from the Navigatorand the output pane.

Comprehensive Help
Learn how to run any analysis using examples that include sampledata sets and step-by-step instructions.

Powerful tools and vivid graphs bring statistics to life.

Features List
– Histogram
– Dotplot
– Probability Plot
– Stem-and-Leaf Plot
– Scatterplot
– Boxplot
– Interval Plot
– Individual Value Plot
– Bar Chart
– Pie Chart

Probability Distributions
– Probability Distribution Plot
– Probability Density Function
– Cumulative Distribution Function
– Inverse Cumulative Distribution Function

Summary Statistics
– Descriptive Statistics
– Tally
– Normality Test

Hypothesis Tests
– 1 and 2 Sample t
– Paired t
– 1 Sample Z
– 1 and 2 Proportions
– 1 and 2 Variances

– 1 and 2 Sample Means
– 1 Sample Proportion
– 1 Sample Function

Randomization Tests
– 1 and 2 Sample Means
– 1 Sample Proportion

– One-Way ANOVA
– Two-Way ANOVA
– Test for Equal Variances
– Main Effects Plot
– Interaction Plot
– Factorial Plots

– Correlation
– Covariance
– Linear Regression
– Binary Logistic Regression
– Stepwise
– Best Subsets

Control Charts
– Xbar
– Xbar-R
– Xbar-S
– Individuals
– I-MR
– P
– U

Time Series and Forecasting
– Time Series Plot
– Trend Analysis
– Moving Average
– Exponential Smoothing

– 1 Sample Sign
– 1 Sample Wilcoxon
– Mann-Whitney
– Kruskal-Wallis
– Mood
– Friedman
– Runs Test

– Chi-Square Goodness-of-Fit
– Cross Tabulation and Chi-Square

– Recode
– Random Data
– Pattern Text Data
– Patterned Numeric Data
– Indicator Variables
– Random Sample from Columns
– Stack Columns
– Unstack Columns
– Sort
– Rank
– Standardize
– Formula Calculator

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