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Paulin Research Group (PRG) 2018 Crack


Software Description: Paulin Research Group (PRG) 2018 Keygen Crack

NozzlePRO™ addresses many needs of PVPengineers working in today’s market. typical pressure vessel designcodes, such as ASME Section VIII, cannot address all design cases.for instance, external loads on nozzles are not addressed withinthe Code. in such cases, engineers need to go outside of the Codeand apply recognized design procedures such as finite elementanalysis using NozzlePRO. simplified calculation methods commonlyused in the PVP industry such as WRC 107/297 are based on limitedtest data and are known to be inaccurate in many cases. NozzlePROprovides realistic answers for all cases.

FEATools™ improves the quality of CAESAR II® users’analysis for critical service lines by incorporating finite elementanalysis (FEA) and other empirical sources into the evaluationprocess. By using Intergraph® CAESAR II in combination withFEATools, analyzed systems are neither over- nor under-designed,but designed with consistent safety factors, which also saves timeand money.

FEPipe™ automatically evaluates calculatedstresses against Code Limits and produces ASME code output reports,drastically reducing the time needed to document your results andbe confident in your design. it automatically produces stressintensification factors and flexibilities for typical pipingjunctions. These are known issues with the current piping codes.This supplements detailed piping analysis.

– Improve accuracy of designs and analyses.
– Improve analyses of components in cyclic service.
– Reduce stress on equipment.
– Increase plant and equipment life.
– Produce more cost-effective designs.
– Reduce design changes and iterations.
– Calculate more realistic loading conditions.
– Calculate more realistic allowable loads on nozzles.
– Analyze components outside of code limits.

– Incorporate FEA results into CAESAR II model in an automatedprocess.
– Improve WRC 107/297 calculations for loads on nozzles andattachments.
– Use more accurate SIFs and k factors.
– Enable FEA analysis of contoured tees.
– Support FEA analysis of bends and tees with or without dummy-legsupports.
– Compare SIFs and k factors between piping codes and FEAcalculations.
– Calculate SIFs and k factors for standard geometries.
– Create tabular and graphical result reports.

Installer Size: 617 MB

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