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SeismoMatch v2016 Crack


Software Description: SeismoMatch v2016 Cracked

SeismoMatch is an application capable ofadjusting earthquake records, through wavelet addition, to match aspecific target response spectrum. Users have the opportunity tosimultaneously match a number of accelerograms, and then obtain amean matched spectrum whose maximum misfit respects a pre-definedtolerance. This software can be used in combination with recordselection tools to define adequate suites of records for nonlineardynamic analysis of structures.

Here are some key features of”SeismoMatch”:
– Simultaneous matching of a number of accelerograms, and thencreation of a mean matched spectrum whose maximum misfit respects apre-defined tolerance.
– Possibility of using this software in combination with recordsselection tools and records appropriateness verification algorithmsto define adequate suites of records for nonlinear dynamic analysisof new or existing structures.
– Capability of reading single accelerograms defined in bothsingle- or multiple-values per line formats (the two most popularformats used by strong-motion databases) or of reading a number ofaccelerograms at the same time (if they are defined in thesingle-value per line format).
– Creation of the target spectrum by following Eurocode 8 rules, bycomputing the spectrum of a specific accelerogram or by simplyloading a user-defined spectrum.

The following strong-motion parameters are then computedfor the matched accelerograms:
– Elastic response spectra and pseudo-spectra
– Overdamped and constant-ductility inelastic response spectra
– Root-mean-square (RMS) of acceleration, velocity anddisplacement
– Arias (Ia) and characteristic (Ic) intensities
– Cumulative absolute velocity (CAV) and specific energy density(SED)
– Acceleration (ASI) and velocity (VSI) spectrum intensity
– Housner intensity
– Sustained maximum acceleration (SMA) and velocity (SMV)
– Effective design acceleration (EDA)
– Predominant (Tp)
– Significant duration

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