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solidThinking Compose v2016.2 Build 546 x64 Crack


Software Description: solidThinking Compose v2016.2 Build 546 x64 + Crack

solidThinking Compose provides engineers,scientists, and product creators with a high level, matrix-basednumerical computing language as well as an interactive &unified programming environment for all types of math operations.Whether you’re looking to solve matrix analysis, differentialequations, perform signal analysis or robustly study controldesign, Compose not only offers its users a modern, comprehensiveset of tools to enable rapid development, but also offers apowerful engine and an interactive debugging environment forstreamlined troubleshooting.

Rapid algorithm development
A comprehensive set of tools enable rapid development of customnumerical code. The matrix-based language, authoring and debuggingtools along with access to a broad set of math libraries andutilities not only covers a wide range of your needs but alsoenables you to explore multiple approaches and find solutionsfaster than with spreadsheets or traditional programming languagessuch as C/C++. Easy diagnosis of code through interactive debuggingreduces development effort.

Robust design exploration & verification
The Open Matrix Language (OML) is not only incredibly easy to use,but also compatible with industry standards such as Octave. Theinteractive desktop environment in Compose allows users to quicklydebug code thus allowing for streamlined and faster troubleshootingof errors without the need to embed diagnostic statements orcode.

Easy engineering data access & processing
There is a built in suite of comprehensive engineering calculationsand CAE data, including result readers, to provide quick access toa large set of data formats for pre- and post-processing needs.Data can then be exported into various formats for easy import intoAltair HyperWorks or other third party products.

Powerful and flexible programming
– Matrix based data structure
– Fully interpreted
– Compatible with industry standards
– Batch-mode execution
– Literals, data types, strings, variables and assignments,indexing
– Operators, expressions and statements, flow of control andlooping
– Workspace & scoping rules, functions, error & warningI/O

Integrated Development Environment
– A fully featured command window with command completion, codeediting and display print command outputs during script executionfrom the editor allowing for visual and interactive codeinspections during runtime
– Modern script editor with syntax highlighting, smart indentation,collapsible sections including code folding, bookmarking, searchingand toggling to display on/off line numbers
– Script editor also allows you to split the screen into multipleviews for more interactive authoring and execution
– Powerful debugger with options to easily monitor variable valuesvia watch window, track paths traced while executing scripts viacall stack window and display all breakpoints in the debuggingsession via the breakpoints window
– Intuitive project browser with a hierarchical structure of allthe scripts, plots, and matrices for easy navigation
– File browser allows direct access to existing program files ondisk
– Variable browser displays all the user-generated and globalworkspace variables including their name, value, type and scope.Options to easily monitor variable values during debugging
– Command history window not only displays all commands enteredwhile programming, but also enables quick execution with supportfor double-clicking on each command or drag/drop into the commandwindow

Extensive Math Libraries
– Calculus
– Core Minimal Interpreter
– Data structure
– Differential equations
– Elementary math
– File structure
– Bridges for engineering CAE data
– Linear algebra
– Logical commands
– Optimization
– Plotting
– Polynomial math
– Signal processing
– Statistical analysis
– String operations
– System commands
– Time commands
– Trigonometry commands
– Vectors and matrices

Data visualization, plotting and reporting
– Support for various 2D and 3D graphs
– Graph properties and attributes can be modified easily andinteractively with context menus to set plot titles, labels, axislabels, legends, and tick mark labels
– Zoom and pan support
– Report generation

– Bridges supported to read and extract data from CAE models andresults including Altair HyperWorks products
Function and Path Management
– Open Matrix Language (OML) in Compose offers the ability to usevariable left hand side (LHS) and right hand side (RHS) for anequation giving users a lot of flexibility
– Define functions on the fly without the need to create a functionfile. Scoping rules gives users access to all variables local tothe function where they’re defined and assigned

Open Matrix Language (OML) Interpreter
– Interpreter for enhanced interaction to support interruption oflong scripts
– Provides an extension to the variable browser to supportadditional objects; includes syntax highlighting and autocompletion and provides all the debugging features.

Installer Size: 594 MB

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