Thu. Apr 15th, 2021
DIABASS 5 v15.10.0.1 Crack


Software Description: DIABASS 5 v15.10.0.1 + Full Crack

Diabetes is a disease with immense impact for the patients. Incase of insufficient or inadequate treatment, there is a high riskof further injuries and diseases. To support therapy at best, thepatient should keep a logbook (called “diabetes diary) and trackblood glucose measurements, insulin dosages and other relevantinformations. Our leading software DIABASS is acomfortable software replacement for common – paper based -diabetes diaries. DIABASS allows to track all relevant diabetestherapy data in an comfortable and easy way. As an outstandingfeature, DIABASS supports data transfer from nearly all bloodglucose meters available wordwide. Also, the software is compatibleto many blood pressure meters and even allows data transfer frominsulin pumps. DIABASS brings you a lot of useful reports, helpingto track and analyse your blood glucose level.

Here are some key features of “DIABASS”:
– Comprehensive and comfortable data entry functions – optionallyin log-book style, in a tabular form or in detailed protocolstyle.
– Track all your relevant diabetes data –blood glucose, bloodpressure, insulin, intakes, activities, medicines, events, visitsto doctor, laboratory tests…
– Extensive charts, graphs and statistics – the powerful analysingfeatures of DIABASS help to quickly identify trends ad patterns ofyour glucose levels
– Data transfer from nearly all blood glucose meters – connect yourmeter to the PC and retrieve data within seconds ! Be independentof a special meter manufacturer !
– Data transfer from numerous blood pressure meters – not only fortype 2-diabetics a valuable therapy support.
– Comprehensive report functionality – DIABASS offers many reports,that can be a useful tool for discussing trends with yourhealthcare team. These reports can be printed, e-mailed, or faxedto your health care team with just a few mouse clicks.
– Telemedicine: simple and uncomplicated – it takes only some mouseclick to encrypt and send your data to your doctor or diabetesconsultant.
– Nutrition analysis/ diet Control inclusive: DIABASS allowstracking of nutrient intake and helps to monitor individual limits(e.g. amount of daily carbohydrate unita).
– Data transfer from existing applications – keep your existingdata and continue to work seamlessly with the powerful importfunctionality of most relevant competitive software, e.g. fromAccu-Check COMPASS, OneTouch, Precision Link, WinGlucoFacts,InTouch or Dialogue databases
– Easy to use and completely configurable – it’s up to you todetermine most of the program settings, e.g. the measuring unit(mg/dl oder mmol/l), target values, colour or user interface(Outlook-style or windows)

Installer Size: 101.70 MB

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