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Family Tree Heritage Platinum v15.0.14 Crack


Software Description: Family Tree Heritage Platinum v15.0.14 Crack

Family Tree Heritage makes it easy to discoveryour family history, build your family tree, and share your familystory. You’ll have FREE access to over 14 billion historicalrecords, photos, news stories, and documents. Find importantdocuments for your ancestors, with one click, for seamless searchesto the world’s largest genealogy databases.

Have you ever wished that someone could do your research for you?TreeTips™ is an innovative technology built into Family TreeHeritage that displays hints for possible records about yourancestors. These hints are from, FamilySearch.comand

Memories Manager
New! Link Family Tree Heritage to FamilySearch records. Quickly andeasily exchange your scrapbook items with the Memories onFamilySearch. You can easily link your scrapbook items to theimages on FamilySearch, and share your information and images withothers!

Powerful Genealogy Design Tools
Create colorful trees, heirloom-quality charts, reports and familybooks that will be cherished by your family members now and infuture years, with Family Tree Heritage’s genealogy design tools.Share your family’s story at family reunions and online.

Interactive Research Timeline
Uncover clues to discover more information about your ancestors andfamily history. Find events that may have affected your ancestors,such as a war or immigration issue. These events will refer you toadditional resources to learn more about your ancestors. There areseveral pre-designed event groups to choose from and you may alsoadd your own events. The Timeline view is interactive: click onnames, dates, and places to see how it responds. A Timeline reportis available for printing.

Tag your ancestor similarities, such as geographic location,medical conditions, and more! Create your own set of Tags andassign up to three Tags to individuals in your database. The tagsdisplay on various screens and reports in Family Tree Heritage.

Color Coding
Quickly identify individuals and family lines on your family tree.This four-color filing system allows you to add background colorsto the name boxes for individuals and/or family lines. The colorcoding displays on various screens and reports, allowing you totrack individuals from the maternal and paternal sides of yourmother and father’s ancestors.

Design Trees, Charts & Reports
Create colorful trees, heirloom-quality charts, reports and familybooks that will be cherished by your family members now and infuture years.

Four-Color Fan Charts
You can generate a Four-Color Fan Chart and include siblings of thefirst generation in the chart. Create any number of charts for yourfamily.
– Ancestry Charts
– Descendant Charts
– Family Charts
– Pedigree Fan Charts
– Large Wall Charts
– Pedigree Charts

Installer Size: 80 MB

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