Mon. Jun 21st, 2021
PC WorkBreak v7.1 Build 024 Crack


Software Description: PC WorkBreak v7.1 Build 024 Keygen Serial

PC WorkBreak provides proper reminders toreduce your RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) risk. It offersmulti-type break reminders such as micro-break, stretch, eyeexercises and walk, based on your PC usage model. Compliance ratesare also provided. Follow a good break setting will help heavy PCuser to release body pain induced by long sitting or frequentkeyboard/mouse usage. All break settings are configurable, and youcan use your favorite picture or animation (gif) as reminderdemo.
PC WorkBreak reduces your risk of Repetitive Strain Injury withhelpful reminders to stretch, do eye exercises, or take a breakfrom your computer. With PC WorkBreak, you’ll be able to avert thetypical aches and pains associated with heavy PC use, caused byextended periods of sitting and keyboard/mouse usage. The result?Even greater productivity, since you’ll feel better when you areworking if you take the recommended breaks.

Best of all, PC WorkBreak lets you configure your reminders sothat you can use your own favorite photos or animated GIFs as atrigger to take a break! The program even shows you the statisticsbehind how often you took a break, and all break settings arecustomizable to suit your specific work style.

Here are some key feature of “PC WorkBreak”:
– Reduce the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury.
– Receive reminders when it’s time to take a break.
– Lessen the physical toll taken by extended PC usage.
– View statistics showing how often you took a break.
– Customize the program with your own reminders.
– Flexible Break Settings.

Installer Size: 2.6 MB

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