Sun. May 9th, 2021
Express Scribe Pro v5.90 Crack


Software Description: Express Scribe Pro v5.90 + Full Crack

Express Scribe Pro is professional audio playersoftware for PC or Mac designed to assist the transcription ofaudio recordings. A typist can install it on their computer andcontrol audio playback using a transcription foot pedal or keyboard(with ‘hot’ keys). This transcribing software also offers valuablefeatures for typists including variable speed playback,multi-channel control, playing video, file management, andmore.

Here are some key features of “Express ScribePro”:
– Variable speed playback (constant pitch)
– Supports audio and video playback
– Plays most formats including encrypted dictation files. Seesupported file format
– Supports professional USB foot pedals to control playback. Seesupported professional foot pedal controllers
– Uses ‘hotkeys’ to control playback when transcribing into othersoftware (e.g., Word)
– Dock both analog and digital portable voice recorders to loadrecordings
– Works with Microsoft Word and all major word-processors
– Automatically receives and loads files by internet (FTP), emailor over a local computer network
– Automatically sends typing to those who dictated the work
– Works with speech recognition software such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking to automatically convert speech to text
– Load CD audio directly and start working as the audio loads
– Works with FastFox text expander for entering medical/legalphrases and common phrases with keyboard shortcuts

Installer Size: 1.65 MB

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