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MAGIX Music Maker 2017 Live v24.1.5.119 Crack


Software Description: MAGIX Music Maker 2017 Live v24.1.5.119 Crack Serial

Take your songs to the next level. Music MakerPremium is a unique virtual studio with more than 8,000included sounds, intuitive drag & drop controls, countlessinstruments and professional functions for mixing & mastering.
Customize your version of Music Maker with exclusive loop packages,new effects presets and top software instruments. Add them easilyand directly within the program via the Store.

1. Record Unlimited tracks.
Endless fun. Music Maker Premium gives you plenty of space forcountless MIDI and audio tracks.

2. Arrange
The new Mediapool is now found on the right side, offering you evenbetter access to all sounds, loops & instruments.

3. Mix
There’s no limit to your creativity with studio effects, externalVST3 plug-ins and Mastering Suite.

When you first initiate the program, you can view an onlineintroductory video, download sound packages for free, or load ademo song. MAGIX Music Maker is a complex software, so noviceswould have a hard time getting around it, but they have plenty ofinteractive tutorials at their disposal, and they can also accessonline forums for help.

The view mode of the slick interface can be switched from easy toadvanced, and you can choose from three music styles – hip-hop,alternative rock and techno trance. Each category comes with itsown sample instruments. Hip-hop contains bass, drums, soundeffects, pads, sequences, string, synth and vocals, alternativerock has bass, drums, guitar, keys, pads, synth and vocals, whiletechno trance instruments include bass, drums, pads, percussions,sequences, synth and vocals.

The InfoBox displayed on the lower right corner of the interfaceguides you every step of the way. In order to create a song, yousimply have to drag sounds from the media pool to the arranger.

You can zoom in and out of the view, use SoundVision to show allavailable sounds graphically, use a real-time mixer with mastereffects to professionally mix all the tracks within an arrangement,use BeatBox to easily create beats, apply audio effects (e.g.resampling, time-stretching, pitch-shifting, Gater, reverb, echo,equalizer, compressor, distortion, essentialFX), and more.

We had a lot of fun exploring MAGIX Music Maker, and we did notfind any errors. The program uses a massive amount of systemresources, which is normal, and its audio effects are trullyprofessional. We definitely recommend it to all users.
MAGIX Music Maker description

The most important features:
– All features, instruments and sounds in Music Maker and MusicMaker Live
– More than 8,000 Sounds & Loops
– 12 Soundpools for popular music genres like Dubstep, Trap andmany more
– Exclusive premium instruments: Cinematic Soundscapes, ChoirChurch Organ
– MIDI Editor with piano roll
– Mastering Suite with Auto Mastering
– Unlimited number of tracks

What’s New in MAGIX Music Maker 2017 Premium:

A whole new world of sounds
True creative freedom: Customize your version of Music MakerPremium with new sounds. Choose your favorites from the Soundpools,new presets and software instruments. Add everything in a fewclicks directly within the program via the new Store. And best ofall: New loops & instruments are released regularly.

4 exclusive Premium Soundpools
Included only in Music Maker Premium Score (film music), Chillout,Dance and Ambient Soundpools. The exclusive Soundpool score”Dramatic Stories” accentuates dramatic strings arrangements andexciting horn sets. The chillout Soundpool “Mother Earth” bringstogether summery synthesizer sounds with mystical sound texturesand exotic percussion elements. Additional sounds for Dance pump upthe dance floor, while Ambient brings the relaxation you needafterwards.

Cinematic Soundscapes
Give your productions a whole new level of depth and character.With Cinematic Soundscapes you can create complex textures to useas scores.

A complete virtual choir
A complete virtual choir The Choir virtual instrument lets you playvocals using your keyboard and comes in three different voices(male, female and mixed).

Church Organ
The impressive Church Organ lets you create majestic soundscapes.Playfully create soulful ballads, epic soundtracks or hot dancetracks.

Orange Vocoder ME by Zynaptiq
You haven’t heard yourself like this before – make your voice soundlike Daft Punk or modulate your whole arrangement. With the Vocoderyou can change your voice, virtual instruments or your ownrecordings. You’ll always have the right sound at the ready thanksto various presets.

Pop Drums
Pop Drums celebrate the comeback of the year. Bring back theshrill, quirky sound of the ’80s and produce powerful beats. Fromsynth-pop to trap all the way through to EDM: Pop Drums help youcreate the foundation for your tracks.

Concert Grand
This instrument is based on recordings of a carefully selectedconcert piano made in an international concert hall. The piano’spowerful sound shines in large part thanks to its very clear,lyrical tones.

Lead Synth
Careful – electrically charged: A powerful synthesizer for creatingtypical sounds from popular current electronic music genres andhip-hop.

Revolta 2
This outstanding synthesizer contains a range of options forcreating electronic music that will propel you right into thecharts. Perfect for all basses and hooklines.

Installer Size: 923 MB

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