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OrangeCD Suite v6.5.7 Build 21902 Crack


Software Description: OrangeCD Suite v6.5.7 Build 21902 Crack Patch

OrangeCD Suite is contain ofOrangeCD Catalog and OrangeCD Player. OrangeCD Catalog is theadvanced music database software for cataloging and organizingmusic collection in any format: it supports pop and classical CDs,iTunes songs, MP3 files, vinyl records or tapes. To add a CD albumto the database, insert the CD in your computer or scan the barcodefrom jewel case, and OrangeCD will download artist, song titles,album reviews, cover artwork and other information from onlinemusic database. No typing is required to organize your CDcollection. OrangeCD Catalog is filled with features and tools fororganizing iTunes or MP3 collection, managing artist profiles anddiscographies, printing reports, and keeping your music librarydatabase safe and secure.

OrangeCD Player is a tiny freeware Windows program that allowsyou to play audio CDs using your PC. The player supports onlinemusic databases and works with our music organizer software. Whenyou play a new CD, the player downloads song titles andautomatically catalogs it in your music database. Additionalfeatures include various playback modes, playlists, direct trackaccess and disc position memory. Add OrangeCD Catalog to help youto organize your MP3 library, and you have a complete digital mediamanagement suite.

Here are some key features of “OrangeCDSuite”:
– Add your CD albums to the database without typing.
– Add MP3, OGG, Windows Media (WMA), FLAC or other music files byautomatically scanning disk folders.
– Add CD albums by reading barcodes from jewel cases. (We recommendusing CueCat barcode reader for best results.)
– Catalog classical music albums as well as pop music.
– Store any extra personal information in custom fields.
– Store artist and composer profiles, biographies, or reviews.
– Organize your music web bookmarks.
– Track who borrows your CDs.
– Maintain wish lists and purchase lists.
– Sort your albums alphabetically, chronologically, or by anyfield, with one click.
– Display albums in folders grouped by any field.
– Search your albums for a text string or by any combination offields.
– Print the lists of your albums and songs.
– Play or queue song playback in the media player of yourchoice.
– new!! Play or queue songs in Squeezebox or Transporter networkmusic players.
– new!! Publish your music collection listing on Racks and Tagswebsite, and update your online music catalog automatically.
– Create detailed and customizable web pages with your albums,including index page, list of recent additions, and individualalbum and song lyrics pages.
– Generate plain text or HTML reports from MP3 or iTunes files.
– View database statistics.
– Backup your data automatically or by request.
– Burn database backup CDs (on Windows XP and Windows Vistaonly.)
– Search web sites like eBay, Amazon, or Google for album price orinformation.
– It is compact and does not occupy your screen space.
– It allows the context menu customizations. You can hide menucommands that you don’t need (such as About) and put those that youuse frequently on top.
– It allows the tooltip display customizations.
– You can assign actions to mouse clicks. For example, single clickcan pause the playback, and double-click can eject the disc.
– It has integrated volume controls.
– It fully supports FreeDB protocol. Each time you insert a new CD,it automatically downloads track titles and other information fromInternet, so you never have to type the titles manually.
– It integrates well with our music catalog software.
– It supports multiple CD-ROMs or CD changers.
– It allows various playback modes, play lists and direct trackaccess.
– It stores many fields in the database, including recordingcredits, song lyrics, album covers or your personal reviews orratings.
– It is free and has no advertising spyware in it.

Installer Size: 3.45 MB

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