Mon. May 10th, 2021
proDAD ReSpeedr Plus v1.0.42 x64 Crack


Software Description: proDAD ReSpeedr Plus v1.0.42 x64 + Full Crack

proDAD ReSpeedr: The Ultimate Super Slow-motion& Time-lapse Video Producer Create stunning time-lapse and superslow-motion sequences. Professional grade results without theprofessional price tag.

ReSpeedr converts your original camera recordings into stunningslow-motion-scenes. And just as easy you can turn your footage intofascinating time-lapse videos. You determine the degree of speedingyour scenes up or slowing them down. Then ReSpeedr exports thedesired scenes as video files in best quality.

Professional high-speed-cameras are not only expensive and lackflexibility. Due to the fast shutter speed they also require hugeamounts of light. Although some camcorders as well as smartphonesdo offer some limited high speed mode, this may not be activatedduring a “regular” recording. And most of those recordings arerestricted to capturing just a few seconds only. ReSpeedr does notrestrict you in any way and allows you to change the speed of anyshot of your original recordings to your heart’s content

Instead of only 120 frames per second slow motion sequences with1000 fps or even more are possible! Instead of only slowing downyour recordings you can set keyframes to dynamically vary the speedfrom timelapse to slow-motion. With the power of the highlyefficient motion detection engine and the advantage of dynamicframe-blending technology you will achieve perfect results with abeautiful flow of motion.

ReSpeedr works on action scenes as well as on nature and is alsoideally suited to show and analyze technical processes. ReSpeedr isan ideal companion product for proDAD’s other specialized toolslike DeFishr and Mercalli to further enhance, dewarp, stabilize andoptimize videos.

Here are some key features of “ReSpeedr”:
– Creation of high-quality slow-motion video
– Creation of time-lapse sequences
– Slow motion and time-lapse also work in combination controllableby keyframes
– Frame-based motion-flow analysis uses a combination of dynamicframe-blending and optical flow technologies to deliver incredibledetail and smoothnes
– Real time preview and super-fast rendering with CPU & GPU support(if GPU is present)
– Intuitive timeline interface
– Super-easy keyframing

Installer Size: 30 MB

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