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RadioBOSS Advanced v5.7.2.0 2018-04-29 Crack


Software Description: RadioBOSS Advanced v5.7.1.0 Keygen Serial

RadioBOSS is a comprehensive software utilitythat you can use to broadcast your favorite music. It comes packedwith many useful options to suit all preferences.

The interface is clean and fairly intuitive to figure out. Thanksto the Explorer-based folder structure, you can seamlessly navigatedirectories to locate songs and organize them into playlists.

It is possible to preview music, calculate the playlist starttime, edit song metadata (e.g. artist, title, album), and renamefiles. You can create as many playlists as you want and save themto file.

Furthermore, you can use a search function when dealing with largeamounts of data, schedule tracks and playlists for broadcasting(e.g. choose weekdays, repeat, delete task, maximum time to wait inthe queue), as well as configure an equalizer.

Other options of RadioBOSS let you view broadcasting statistics,customize colors and fonts, insert tracks from playlists, recordvoice tracks, manage a music library, generate reports, saveprofiles, and reconfigure keyboard hotkeys, just to name a few.

The application uses a surprisingly light amount of CPU and RAM, soit does not affect the computer’s overall performance. It includesa help file for less experienced users. We have not come across anyproblems throughout our testing, since the tool did not hang, crashor pop up errors.

All in all, RadioBOSS comes packed with rich features when it comesto making all the necessary adjustments for broadcasting music, andit should please all types of users, regardless of their skilllevel.

Installer Size: 45 MB

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