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TS-Doctor v2.0.80 Crack


Software Description: TS-Doctor v2.0.80 + Activation Crack

The TS-Doctor is a universal tool forprocessing and repair of recordings from Sat-, Cable and DVB-TReceivers. It is simple to operate and its functions are quick andreliable.The TS-Doctor supports the recording formats of mostDVB-S, DVB-C and DVB-T Receivers. So it makes no difference whetheryou receive your television programs by SAT, Cable or antenna, theTS-Doctor is the optimum tool for processing these files on acomputer and bringing them into a compatible format.

The TS-Doctor offers an easy-to-operate cropping function andtogether with the automatic advertizing recognition feature, makesit child’s play to remove bothersome advertizing interruptions fromTV recordings.

The TS-Doctor checks and repairs your TV recordings and makessure that they can be easily processed and displayed on today’smedia players. It can also handle formats that other programs oftencannot read. (TS,TS4,M2TS,MTS,M2T,DVR,REC,TP,TPR and much more)

The TS-Doctor can also handle HDTV recordings. HDTV meanshigh-resolution television with brilliant picture and soundquality. In spite of large data files associated with HDTV, theTS-Doctor operates very quickly and without loss of picture andsound quality.

The TS-Doctor can drastically reduce the required file size byremoving unneeded file content and filler data. Depending on thereceiver and the format, reductions of up to 70% of the file sizecan be achieved while retaining the same picture and soundquality.

The simple, fast and lossless cutting of TS doctors can be usedeven for recordings of camcorders, if the recorder format using theTS, MTS or M2TS. This is the case for example for many models fromSony, Canon, and Panasonic.

Supported Languages:
– German
– English
– French
– Finnish
– Polish (incomplete)
– Spanish (incomplete)
– Estonian (incomplete)
– Lithuanian (incomplete)
– Language editor for other languages

– Automaticaly remove of commercials
– Cutting and Preview for multi file recordings
– Verify (show errors in streams)
– Clean (remove unnecessary data)
– Repair
– Merge
– Make incompatible stream playable
– Cut (remove advertisement, etc.)
– Delete of audio streams
– Delete of teletext streams
– Analysis of TS packets
– Processing of multi program recordings
– Conversion to MKV, DVR, AVCHD*, Bluray*
– Batch processing
– Demuxing
– Conversion of teletext subtitles to SRT
– Conversion of DVB subtitles to SRT

Transmission Standards:
– DVB-Radio

Supported Input Formats:
– TS
– M2TS
– M2T
– TS4
– TP
– TP0
– uvm

Supported Output Formats:
– TS
– T2TS
– Enigma TS (incl. creation of *.ap and *.sc index files)
– MKV*
– Bluray*
– SRT (subtitles from teletext)

– Atemio AM500/510/7500/7600, AV700/7000
– Comag SL100HD, SL90, SL60, SL40 etc.
– Dreambox DM8000/7025/7020//800/600/500 etc.
– Fortec Star FS4400
– Freebox HD
– Homecast HT8000, HS8100
– Humax ICord HD,Nano, etc.
– Kathrein UFS922/910/821, etc.
– NanoXX 9800 HD
– Smart MX04
– Technisat DigiCorder HD S2/S3, ISIO, DIGIT, TechniStar
– Technomate 6800HD
– TT-Micro S835 HD+ PVR
– Topfield CRP-2401
– Vantage VT-1/100/610/8000 S/C
– VU+ Solo/Solo²/Duo/Duo²/Solo 4K etc.
– Xoro HRS9100,8750,8600/8520, HRT5000 etc.
– and many more

TV sets with integrated PVR:
– Minerva
– etc.

– Hauppauge HD PVR
– etc.

Installer Size: 67.5 MB

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