Tue. Apr 20th, 2021
IsItUp Network Monitor v8.65 Crack


Software Description: IsItUp Network Monitor v8.65 + Full Crack

IsItUp Network Monitor is a feature-packedsoftware application that allows you to keep track of multiple IPdevices, websites and servers. It is also capable of sendingnotifications via email or pager. The app is primarily addressed toexperienced users.

The interface of the program is professional-looking and somewhatintuitive. Simple-to-follow wizards aid you in creating a widerange of monitors, such as IP, HTTP, TCP/IP, Windows Service, POP3, DNS and Windows Event Log.

Dozens of customization features are available for all wizardtypes, giving you full control of the monitoring procedures. Forexample, you can write the FDGN (Fully Qualified Domain Name)instead of the IP address, set up frequency and dependencyparameters along with a maintenance schedule (a time interval whendevices are not being monitored and notifications are not sent), aswell as configure email and page alert settings.

IsItUp Network Monitor allows you to seamlessly sort numerousmonitors by categorizing them into groups and subgroups. Evidently,you can edit monitor properties (in single or batch mode).Furthermore, you can simulate a successful test, connect to aremote desktop, view statistical details (summary, details, errors)and their graphical representation, as well as printinformation.

IsItUp Network Monitor runs on a very low amount of CPU and systemmemory, making it an ideal program to continuously run in thesystem tray area without interfering with the activity or othercurrently running apps. It includes complete user documentation,has a good response time and supports an impressive list ofcustomization features; we have just named few of them. The bottomline is that IsItUp Network Monitor is an excellent program fornetwork administrators.

Installer Size: 18.4 MB

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