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LanHelper v1.97 Crack


Software Description: LanHelper v1.97 Crack

LanHelper is a powerful Local Area Network(LAN) management, discovery and monitoring tool for office networkand home network. No any server side program needed.

LanHelper has a smart and fast scan engine which can find IPaddress, MAC address, SNMP, NetBIOS, etc on LAN & WAN. Withgroup feature and XML, managing machine data is very easy inLanHelper. LanHelper provides HTML and XML modes to view machinedata with web browser in a more detailed and convenient way.

Without installing any server side program, you would find thenetwork management is easier by using LanHelper. Wake-On-LANfunction sends Wake-On-LAN commands (Magic Packet) to power oncomputers on LAN or WAN. Support schedule and service.

Remote Shutdown function shuts down or reboots remote computers onlocal network, support local schedule. Remote Execute allows you toschedule tasks to run periodically or at a later time on remotecomputers.

LanHelper Integrated Command, which is designed for Remote Execute,offers many additional management functions for networkadministrators, such as obtain software & hardware information,lock mouse, lock keyboard, capture screen and kill process atregular intervals, etc.

Service management allows you to view service, start & stopservice, install service and more.

LanHelper checks whether computers are online or offline, anddetect whether computer names or IP addresses have been modified.LanHelper can also monitoring the computers in your network foravailability, if the program finds remote computers have been downor have been online, it will notify the network administratorimmediately, or automatically perform shutdown & Wake-On-LANoperations.

LanHelper is a tool that allows you administrate and managenetwork.

Here are some key features of “LanHelper”:
– Provide IP scanner & LAN scanner for high speed scanning andquickly collecting machine data, and it’s easy to manage themachine data with XML and groups features.
– Monitoring the servers & workstations in your LAN/WAN foravailability. Once failure or problem is detected, LanHelper willalert the network administrator immediately, or automaticallyperform Wake-On-LAN & shutdown actions.
– Wake-On-LAN. Send “Wake-On-LAN” commands to remote computers. Youcan easily power on PCs located on other rooms or offices. Scheduleand service supported.
– Shut down or reboot large number of computers in high speed onLAN. Schedule supported.
– Users management. Batch methods available for fastmanagement.
– Groups management. Batch methods available for fastmanagement
– Make the remote computer execute command, run program or openother files.
– Services management. Batch methods available for fastmanagement
– Open files management.
– Sessions management.
– Send text messages to other users. Provide many batch sendmethods.
– Network Interface Card vendor identifier.
– Realtime logs for most of operations. Greatly helpful for LANadministrators to find and solve network problems.
– No server program needed. You don’t have to install any serveprogram on remote computers.

Installer Size: 1.4 MB

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