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ScriptFTP v4.3 Crack


Software Description: ScriptFTP v4.3 Portable Crack

If you are a webmaster, you are likely to have such a demand:Regularly upload/download your database or website files to/frommultiple servers through FTP client. Manually uploading/downloadingfiles, database is a time-consuming and hard work. Lazy but smartpeople will try to find and test a variety of automation tools inorder to efficiently accomplish the same work with ease.

ScriptFTP is a tiny FTP, SFTP, FTPS and Batch FTPclient program driven by scripts that specially designed forwebmasters to automate file transfers. It can help users regularlyand automatically complete all kinds of periodic and repetitivefile transfer tasks, such as: files synchronization between localmachine and remote server, server update, website files backup andso on, in an easier and quicker way than any traditional FTPclients.

Don’t be intimidated by an application based on scripts or commandlines. As a matter of fact, ScriptFTP comes with very easy scripts(i.e.: some command lines) writing rules, and most operations canbe finished using your mouse quickly and easily. Again, you canalso visit its official script library to get some read-madeexamples for making the uploads or downloads automatically in notime.

Here are some key features of “ScriptFTP”:
– Complete unattended operation
– Based on FTP protocol standards and RFCs
– Plain FTP protocol support
– FTP over SSL (FTPS) support
– SSH FTP (SFTP) support- Fast script execution and low memoryfootprint
– Different levels of output detail. Max level with detailed infouseful for troubleshooting
– Capable of periodic and scheduled script execution
– Full background run or normal window operation
– Log files for every run script available
– Integration with other tools or workflows via external commandexecution, environment variables etc.
– Full command line support via a command line version of the FTPinterpreter

Installer Size: 1.54 MB

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