Mon. Apr 19th, 2021
Trogon Network Inventory v2.5 Crack


Software Description: Trogon Network Inventory v2.5 Keygen Serial

Trogon Network Inventory is a network discoveryand asset management software which scans all your computers so youcan see all software and harware details of every computer on yourlocal network.
Trogon Network Inventory scans over 50 specifications of yourcomputers and displays this information with build-in reportbuilder. High detailed reports can be printed or saved in Text,CSV, HTML or Adobe PDF files.

Scanning remote computers
Scan network for all network computers in seconds or importcomputers list from Active Directory. You don’t need to install anyagents on remote clients to get information about them!

Software inventory
You can get all information about the software installed in thenetwork computers: version, install date, grouped by applicationsor by computers. Also you can configure the list of restricted orauthorized software to monitor these applications on thenetwork.

Network inventory
Trogon Network Inventory can detect all hardware in your computersand track all changes of the hardware configurations. You willalways know what is installed in the computers, when a device waschanged or removed, which of your computers needs to beupdated.

Comprehensive and powerful reports
Select the computers and click the report that you need for yoursoftware and hardware audit. You will get a full and detailedreport, ready to be printed or exported to the file.

And much more
– Browse the remote computer’s registry
– Monitor the online status of computers
– Track the inventory changes with a detailed log
– Store the data about your users
– Start sor stop processes and services on the remote computers

Installer Size: 2.16 MB

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