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Alive Task Manager v1.10.34.12 Bilingual Crack


Software Description: Alive Task Manager v1.10.34.12 Bilingual Keygen Serial

Alive Task Manager is a useful, simple, butefficient tool for the planning of diverse tasks.
It can be used to generate and view a personal time-table, remindabout particular events, create repeated tasks, establish rules forpostponement of tasks, etc. The support of a tree-type structure oftasks facilitates allocation of tasks with correspondingattributes.

A variety of folders (for example, business, personal, employees,etc.) can be created for placement of relevant tasks. A specialfolder “All Tasks” displays all tasks created in Alive TaskManager. This feature is very convenient for searching andviewing.

Each task in Alive Task Manager is arranged such that allinformation about a task is placed on a separate tab:
Summary – consolidated information about a task. It displaysgeneral information, such as the header, start date and time,completion date and time, notes.
Main – basic information about a task, such as task title, startdate and time, completion date and time, priority and state.
Additional – an indispensable tab for a more detailed taskdescription. It contains the following fields: task completionpercentage, completion period, actual time spent, expenditures,type of restriction, web resources, and contacts.
Executives – these are tasks, for which a person in charge and oneor several executives are assigned. All relevant information can bewritten on this tab.
Comprehensive information about a task can be entered in notes.
Alive Task Manager offers the widest opportunities for remindingyou about tasks and controlling the progress of their fulfillment.Any task in the program can be preset so that the reminder windowis displayed at the desired moment.
Using Alive Task Manager not just greatly improves labordiscipline, but also increases labor efficiency.

Installer Size: 6.6 MB

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