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Ashampoo PDF Business v1.0.7 Crack


Software Description: Ashampoo PDF Business v1.0.7 Cracked

Ashampoo PDF Business takes care of any PDFissues your company ever had and gives you the tools to be moreproductive and flexible when you’re working with PDF documents.Aside from viewing and creating PDFs, particular emphasis has beenplaced on document editing which is as simple as editing text inyour favorite word processor. Convert your documents into commonformats such as Word, fill out forms with the help of programassistants or protect your valuable work with powerful 128-bitencryption. Whether it’s text recognition in 26 languages, jointdocument editing or obfuscating sensible text passages, Ashampoo®PDF Business gets the job done in a professional manner.Always!

As easy as word processing
Edit PDFs as comfortable as MS Word documents
With Ashampoo PDF, creating, editing and annotating PDF documentsbecomes just as easy as exporting them for further processing inMicrosoft Word or other applications. Ashampoo PDF always deliversexcellent results – whether you’re working with text and images,replace fonts, modify layouts or rearrange the pages in adocument.

Don’t copy, convert!
Post-edit your documents in MS Word or other formats
Ashampoo PDF converts your PDFs into text documents editable withMS Office or Ashampoo Office. HTML, EPUB, JPG or RTF are alsosupported as output formats. Ashampoo PDF Professional furthermoresupports optical character recognition to convert your scans intoeditable and searchable documents.

Flexible text editing
Built-in revision control and spell checker
Ashampoo PDF allows you to modify, add, delete and format entireparagraphs and pages of text. If required, the built-in change logwill highlight all modifications for easy revision. The integratedspell checker does away with typos and auto-hyphenation ensuresyour texts will look good.

Rearrange pages
Format, revise and recompose with ease
Revising documents is a breeze with Ashampoo PDF. Rearrange anddelete or crop and rotate individual pages as you see fit. You caneven insert pages from other PDF documents or combine multipledocuments into a single file.

PDF creation made easy
Built-in PDF printer driver for maximum flexibility
Ashampoo PDF can create high-quality PDFs from any Windowsapplication. Simply click “Print” and select the included AshampooPDF virtual printer. If size matters, Ashampoo PDF canautomatically downsample images, e.g. to facilitate onlinepublishing.

Comments and highlighting
Edit and annotate PDFs collaboratively
Ashampoo PDF makes it easy to add comments to PDF documents,illustrate important details and highlight individual passages withthe marker tool. It also comes with ready-to-use stamps like”Approved!” or “Confidential!”.

Easily extract images from PDFs
Insert and edit graphics and drawings
Working with graphics and drawings is easy with Ashampoo PDF.Insert, edit, move and crop objects as needed. You can even usethem as watermarks to protect your intellectual property or clonethem for easy reuse.

Simply powerful: find and replace
Replace single words or phrases in just seconds
The find and replace feature in Ashampoo PDF goes beyond that ofother PDF applications. Aside from text, you can also replace fontsto quickly modify the visual appearance of your documents. AshampooPDF even enables you to apply this feature across multiple files,e.g. to replace or update hyperlinks globally.

Automatic text recognition (OCR)
Instantly access and use text blocks
Ashampoo PDF Professional comes with a powerful OCR engine torecognize and convert images of text, e.g. on-screen or scanneddocuments, into computer-editable text. You can then edit theresults in Ashampoo PDF or send them to Microsoft Word for furtherprocessing.

Perfect forms
Fill out and print forms inside the application
Not only does Ashampoo PDF allow you to fill out interactive formsbut it also supports the more common forms that were created as PDFdocuments as used by various government agencies. Save time andfill out your forms on your PC instead of printing and filling themout the old-fashioned way.

Protect your property!
128-bit AES encryption for your documents
Ashampoo PDF can protect your documents with strong 128-bit AESencryption to prevent others from opening, editing or printingthem. You decide what readers will be able to do with yourdocuments! Do your files include confidential text or graphics?Black them out permanently with Ashampoo PDF.

Installer Size: 192.89 MB

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