Thu. Apr 15th, 2021
Mgosoft PDF Stamper v7.2.2 Crack


Software Description: Mgosoft PDF Stamper v7.2.2 Crack

Mgosoft PDF Stamp is a professional PDF stampcreator or PDF watermark creator, which can help you stamp PDF withimages, text, graphic lines and rectangles. With the help of thisstamp creator, you can annotate your PDF with custom stamps.Mgosoft PDF Stamp is a powerful and useful tool which enables youto easily apply company logos, signatures, charts, page numbers,date and time, contact information to the PDF files.

Here are some key features of “Mgosoft PDFStamp”:
– Standalone software, Adobe Acrobat and Reader NOT required
– Support image stamp (JPEG, GIF, TIF, TIFF, PCX, PNG, TGA, ICO,BMP, JP2, PNM etc image formats)
– Support text stamp
– Support line stamp
– Stamp pages using the standard Base 13 fonts and systemfonts.
– Support Font Style, Font Size, Text Modes (solid, outline),Grayscale and RGB Color (0-255 RGB color values supported)
– Top, bottom, vertical center, diagonal-top left anddiagonal-bottom left
– Support custom image size. No need to adjust the image size inanother application before the stamp
– Support multiple line text stamps within one stamp item.
– Support stamping variables to stamp dynamic data. Dates, times,page numbers file names are just a few of the variablesavailable
– Stamp on Top of or Underneath the original PDF document pagecontents
– Enabling you to easily position the stamp in any location on thepage
– Text, Images and lines can be stamped on any angle
– Any positive or negative numbers, including decimal numbers maybe used to specify an angle in degrees
– Specify page numbers, support first page, last page, even page,odd page, custom page
– Wrap text to a new line if it would otherwise be too long to fitin its margined area
– Support links (web links, page link)
– Alignment (when multi text) Left, right, or center
– Use it on all Windows version including the latest builds ofWindows 10

Installer Size: 2.04 MB

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