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Nuance OmniPage Professional v17.1 Crack


Software Description: Nuance OmniPage Professional v17.1 Crack Serial

With 99%+ character accuracy, one-click conversion to MicrosoftOffice and universal compatibility with any scanner,OmniPage Professional is the one tool to do it all— no other OCR software does as much, does it as accurately or doesit as easily.

The combination of superior accuracy and functionality meansOmniPage Professional saves organizations significant time andmoney. With this high-performance imaging software, you canradically improve the ways in which paper and digital documents areprocessed, archived and shared.

OmniPage Professional also includes the award-winning desktopdocument management software, PaperPort 11 and PDF Create softwarethat allows you to create a 100% industry-standard PDF file fromany application.

With OmniPage Professional 17 you can automatically batch convertfiles, monitor, recognize and convert files from incoming emailsdirectly to your network, access scanned files from anywhere inyour organization, archive documents directly into MicrosoftSharePoint.

OmniPage Professional allows you to refine data and improvecollaboration, being ideal for scanning and converting high-volumesof documents.

Here are some key features of “OmniPageProfessional”:
– The most accurate conversion in 123 languages: OmniPage’ssophisticated multi-engine voting capabilities deliverunprecedented accuracy at a level greater than 99% for 119different languages.

– Financial, legal and medical recognition: Recognitiondictionaries for financial, legal and medical specialties ensurethe most accurate conversion of important industry specific termsfor documents that utilize this terminology.

– Despeckle module: We know enhancing difficult to read documentsdramatically improves recognition. Our sophisticated despecklemodule helps to reduce background noise allowing colored, shadedand previously unrecognizable documents to be converted with lesshuman intervention.

– Breakthrough PDF conversion: OmniPage Professional helps you toeasily re-purpose information trapped in PDF files by instantlyconverting them into editable word processing and spreadsheetdocuments complete with layout, text, graphics and tables. Our PDFOverlay Matching technology provides an accuracy level greater thanother solutions for PDF normal and image/text conversion.

– Flowing page output: Flowing page output offers a uniquecombination of page fidelity and editability that is truer to theoriginal document than competitive OCR products. OmniPage ensurescolumns, tables, lists and graphics remain in place, while textflows naturally around these embedded objects.

– Superior character matching: Font matching, font-consolidation,size, bold, italics and color background matching accuracy helpscut editing time to a minimum. Matching the individual characterattributes ensures your converted documents look as close to theoriginal as possible.

– Superior page analysis: Before recomposing the layout of adocument, OCR software must first understand all of the objects onthe page and their relationship to one another. OmniPageProfessional 16 offers improved detection of individual pageobjects, in particular tables. This feature ensures tables andspreadsheets, with or without gridlines, are formattedcorrectly.

– Superior speed: Accomplish more work in less time. OmniPageProfessional 16’s improved hyper threading process allows you topower through OCR tasks 20% faster than before. This boost helpsmake OCR the fastest, most accurate time-saving way toautomatically convert documents into more than 30 differentformats.

– Multi-core parallel processing: Using today’s popular dual-coreand tomorrow’s multi-core computer processors allow you to be evenmore productive with a dramatic 46%+ boost in speed for less wastedtime waiting for OCR processing to finish.

– Form recognition and export: OmniPage now uses Logical FormRecognition technology to process forms. Bring both paper andelectronic forms (distributed mainly as PDF files in an officeenvironment) into OmniPage, recognize them and edit their content,layout or both – in True Page view and produce a fillable form thatcan be saved in the following formats: PDF, RTF, HTML or XSN(Microsoft Office InfoPath format).

– Digital-to-digital document conversion: A major new feature ofOmniPage is that it can open not only image files, but alsodocuments created in word-processing and similar applications.Supported file types include: .doc, .xls, .ppt, .rtf, .wpd andothers.

– Text, tables and graphics: Most people think of OCR as simply away to extract text and spreadsheet data from existing documents.Because OmniPage has advanced page segmentation capabilities, it isalso a powerful way to re-use pictures, clip-art, graphics andcharts within documents. Simply zone-over the area you want toextract, and OmniPage will let you save the content of that area ina wide range of image formats.

– Image format conversion: Images of scanned documents contain a”picture” of the document, which can be viewed but not edited orsearched. OmniPage converts static images into documents that canbe edited and searched. Support for converting all popular imageformats includes: TIF, JPG, BMP, PCX, GIF, PDF, MAX and more.

– Improved multiple-document support: Save additional time byworking on multiple documents at once. OmniPage can now open,process, correct and save multiple documents simultaneously.

– Integrated document management tools: Get more organized.OmniPage Professional includes PaperPort, the world’s most populardesktop document management software, and PDF Create software thatallows you to create a 100% industry-standard PDF file from anyapplication.

– Direct connection to PaperPort: OmniPage now automatically linksup to PaperPort if it is installed so you can bring color imagesfrom PaperPort directly into OmniPage to speed up your processingworkflow even more.

– Digital camera 3DC technology: Use your digital camera toaccurately capture text anywhere. Advanced technology automaticallycorrects for three-dimensional distortion to ensure the best OCRresults possible.

– Automatic data collection from forms: Electronic forms are easierto distribute, fill and process than paper forms. The challenge hasalways been getting existing paper forms into an electronic format.If you have ever tried to work with electronic forms, you know howslow and frustrating the process can be. The Form Converter featureturns scanned, paper forms into editable electronic PDF, XML, orMicrosoft InfoPath forms automatically. OmniPage is a truebreakthrough that makes forms easy from start to finish. In short,we’ve merged the best of our award winning OmniForm product intothis best ever OmniPage so you can quickly turn paper forms intoelectronic forms and then easily collect the data with virtually notyping at all.

– Manual speed zoning: Speed up the manual zoning process byviewing auto-detect zones and double-clicking to select the one youwant.

– Concurrent file saving: Now archiving and editing can co-exist ina single step. Save to multiple file formats at the same time. Forexample, you can save a searchable PDF file for your archive, aWord document for editing and the original image for verificationsimultaneously.

– Resolution control: Choose your desired resolution for savedimages and for images embedded in recognized pages.
– Adjustable speed control: Customize recognition performance byselecting the speed and accuracy settings that are optimized foryour needs.

– OPD files: OmniPage document files contain training files, userdictionary and zone information to make follow-up OCR sessionsfaster and easier than ever before.

– Custom converters: Create custom documents according to yourbusiness standards. Document output can be tailored for specificattributes so that each time documents are converted to specificprograms they have specific properties pre-selected to minimizerequired completion work in the target application.

– Direct OCR: Save time by performing OCR from directly within yourfavorite program. Use OmniPage to place fully formatted text withinWord, Excel and many other popular word-processing programs withoutever needing to launch OmniPage.

– Automatic redaction: Keep important information confidential byblacking out sensitive words with automatic redaction. Save times,money, and greatly reduces the chances of errors by redactingdocuments electronically instead of by hand.

– Automatic highlights and strikethroughs: Electronic collaborationis now a breeze. Quickly locate information with applied highlightsor communicate an important revision with strikethrough text justlike marking up a paper document with a pen or pencil.

– IntelliTrain proofing system: The IntelliTrain proofing system”learns” your editing style by recording your previous textcorrections to generate better OCR results in each successivedocument. Our superior proofing algorithms result in bettercorrection suggestions, handling of hyphenated words and fewer keystrokes than competitive products.

– Context specific correction: Confirming the accuracy ofquestionable words is much easier because suspect words aredisplayed within a wider context of the document’s text tofacilitate more accurate corrections.

– Dynamic verification: OmniPage’s proofreading mode provides amore dynamic view of the original document’s text image so you donot have to second guess if your corrections are appropriate ornot.

– Individual character training: IntelliTrain proofing also allowsspecific individual characters or symbols to be learned thusensuring better accuracy in subsequent document conversions.

– RealSpeak voice readback: As the world’s leading provider ofspeech technology, Nuance realizes that text-to-speechfunctionality can greatly enhance productivity. OmniPageProfessional benefits from our market leading technology throughaudio book publishing. This exciting feature allows you to workfaster and leverage information as never before.

– Audio book publishing: Take documents with you wherever you gowith OmniPage’s Audio Book Publishing. Paper and electronicdocuments can now be converted into natural sounding audio filesfor playback or burning to CD. This .wav file output allows anydocument to be converted into an audio book for portability andconvenience.

– Create audio documents from paper and digital documents: OmniPagelets you turn scanned paper, PDF files and even electronicdocuments into human-sounding audio-documents. Using NuanceRealSpeak, the world’s best text-to-speech technology, you canlisten to documents on your PC, from a CD or even on digital musicdevices. A great productivity tool for professionals on-the-go andfor those who experience difficulty reading documents on a computerscreen.

Installer Size: 286 MB

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