Thu. Jun 17th, 2021
Posic Plus v3.3 Crack


Software Description: Posic Plus v3.3 + Activation Crack

POSIC is a Windows based software package forpoint of sale and inventory control. It has comprehensive featuresbut is very simple to use; your employees will require very littletraining. With its option for receiving payments in up to 8currencies, POSIC is ideal for tourist and souvenir shops.Thesoftware is network ready, and there is no additional charge forrunning the program on multiple workstations.

Here are some key features of “Posic Plus”:
– Easy one-time setup procedure
– Choice of date format (dd/mm/yy or mm/dd/yy)
– Up to three taxes on sales
– Password protected functions (including all setup commands)
– Manage accounts
– Manage stock control
– Data backup function
– Export reports to Excel
– Options for standard discount/item discounts
– Supports receipt printers, cash drawers, pole displays, barcodereaders
– User manual as HTML document
– Manage refunds
– Print barcode labels
– Tax exempt customers
– Option for payments in up to 8 currencies – ideal for touristshops
– Credit notes
– Accept part payments for accounts
– Print company logo on receipts/invoices
– Print, sell and redeem gift certificates
– Choice of password protected functions
– Integrated credit card processing using X-Charge (USA andCanada)
– Manage consignment sellers (Posic Plus)
– Manage consignment stock (Posic Plus)
– Email consignment sellers (Posic Plus)
– Text message consignment sellers (Posic Plus)
– Track damaged stock
– Sell non inventory items
– Round change to nearest 5 cents (Canada)
– Email account holders

– Account holders
– Account payments
– Receipts/revenue
– Shift summary
– Sales during a specified period
– Refunds during a specified period
– Sales summary
– List stock
– Stock requiring reorder
– Reorders during a specified period
– Hours worked by employees
– Sales to a specified customer
– Receipts in all currencies
– Price list
– Credit notes issued
– X-Charge transactions
– List consignment sellers (POSIC Plus)
– Payments to consignment sellers (POSIC Plus)
– Seller history (POSIC Plus)

Installer Size: 2.31 MB

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