Sun. May 9th, 2021
Type Pilot v3.5.0 Crack


Software Description: Type Pilot v3.1.0 Full Crack

Type Pilot is an automatic typing software thathelps you to quickly type phrases in document. You just definekeywords (an abbreviations) for a frequently used text snippet,phrase, sentence or paragraph. Whenever you type one of thesekeywords in ANY program, Type Pilot automatically replace it withthe required phrase or a paragraph.
Type Pilot can be uses in a variety spheres for saving your time.For examples:
– personal (often used e-mail phrases, addresses, pictures,signatures);
– business (writing business or managing technical support lettersmay require that you type standard answers over and overagain);
– development (templates for code fragments, code blocks,documentation).

Type Pilot works in ANY text editors: Notepad, MS Word, emailclients, GMail, web browsers, HTML-editors, fill out alogin-password form. Let Type Pilot handle this routine for you.Just type in a keyword of your choice, and the software willautomatically replace it with the required phrase or a paragraph.If you type a keyword, for example: ttt3, Type Pilot willautomatically insert the following sentence into your currentdocument.
You can use Type Pilot as a depository for storing thousands oflong words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs or even entire messages.You don’t even have to define keywords for them – any phrase can beeasily “extracted” from Type Pilot using a tree-like structure. Theprogram works in any word processor.
You can also use Type Pilot as your usual pim (personal informationmanager). The program allows you to keep any text, formatted text,template with variable parameters, OLE objects ( ex. pictures,waves and so on) in a tree-like structure.

Installer Size: 1.52 MB

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