Tue. Apr 20th, 2021
Active KillDisk v10.0.6 Crack


Software Description: Active KillDisk v10.0.6 Full Crack

Active KillDisk is a powerful and compactsoftware that allows you to destroy all data on hard and floppydrives completely, excluding any possibility of future recovery ofdeleted files and folders. It’s a hard drive and partition eraserutility.
Active KillDisk conforms to US Department of Defense clearing andsanitizing standard DoD 5220.22-M. New Wipe function that wipes outall unused space on existing drives, not touching existingdata.
Once you erase a disk with Active KillDisk, all the sensitiveinformation on it will be destroyed forever.

Here are some key features of “ActiveKillDisk”:
– Securely overwrites and destroys all data on physical drive orlogical partition
– Erases partitions, logical drives and unused disk space
– Supports IDE / ATA / SATA / SCSI hard disk drives
– Supports solid state drives (SSD)
– Supports fixed disks, floppies, zip drives, FlashMedia drives
– Supports large-sized drives (more than 128GB)
– Supports Command Line mode (can be run with no userinteraction)
– Operates from bootable floppy disk or bootable CD (DOSversion)
– Operates from bootable CD/DVD, USB (Windows version)

Installer Size: 447.45 + 32.2 MB

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