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Advanced Encryption Package 2017 Professional v6.06 Crack


Software Description: Advanced Encryption Package 2017 Professional v6.06 Keygen Serial

Typically you encrypt files because you don’t want others to seethem, but sometimes you want to send someone an encrypted file.
Most if not all encryption programs allow you to do so–they vary,however, in terms of how difficult the process is.
Advanced Encryption Package 2007 Professional is aprogram that has the ability to work with .zip archives.
AEP PRO’s most noteworthy feature may be its flexibility: Not onlycan you encrypt files for your own protection but you can easilycreate “self-decrypting” versions of your files that others can runwithout needing AEP PRO or any other software.

Advanced Encryption Package includes a file shredder that wipesthe contents of your original files. It also integrates nicely withWindows Explorer, allowing you to use Explorer’s context menus andavoid having another window clutter your screen. It also usesmilitary grade encryption for protecting your private files.

Here are some key features of “Advanced Encryption Package2011 Professional”:
– Using 17 symmetric encryption algorithms to encrypt your data:DESX, BLOWFISH, RIJNDAEL(AES), CAST, 3-DES, RC2, DIAMOND2, TEA,SAFER, 3-WAY, GOST, SHARK, SQUARE, SKIPJACK, TWOFISH, MARS,SERPENT.
– Making self-extracting encrypted executable files to send it viae-mail to people who do not have AEP
– Built in file shredder – i.e. wiping the contents of the originalpre-encrypted file beyond recovery to make sure that not even atrace remains after shredding. matching and exceeding thespecifications of the U.S. Department of Defence) to stop hardwarerecovery tools.
– Support for USB Flash Drives to store encryption keys. All yoursecret passwords are always with you in your pocket. All passwordson flash drive can be protected by single Master Password (you keepit in your mind).
– Ability to send encrypted files and selfextractors via email(MAPI)
– Ability to encrypt text to send it via your favourite e-mailprogram like Outlook Express, Eudora, ICQ and etc
– Integrating with Windows (TM) Explorer. I.e. ability toencrypt/decrypt/shred files directly from Explorer context menu
– Built-in data compressor to reduce a size of encrypted files.
– Complete ZIP archives support (creating .zip archives, extractingZIP contents)
– Complete command line interface support
– Skins support! And 12+ nice-looking skins for program.
– User-Friendly easy-to-understand Graphical interface designed tohide the complexities of encryption technology from the enduser.

Installer Size: 7.61 MB

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