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Folder Protect v2.0.2 Crack


Software Description: Folder Protect v2.0.2 Cracked

Folder Protect is a new concept in DataSecurity. It lets you password protect and set different accessrights to your files, folders, drives, installed programs andpopular extensions.

Folder Protect goes beyond normal file locking and encryption byletting you customize your security and choose between making filesinaccessible, hidden, delete-proof or write-protected.

The program uses Windows Kernel level protection that even works inSafe Mode ensuring complete security of protected folders. You canlock, hide, access block and even prevent data from being deletedor modified. This can help you give access of your data to otherswithout worrying about it getting deleted or modified.

Folder Protect can’t be uninstalled without a correct password.Furthermore, the program can work in complete stealth and you canchoose an idle time when the data gets protected automatically.

Folder Protect offers an easy and uncomplicated way to selectsecurity type and make your files inaccessible, hidden,write-protected and delete-proof by choosing No Access, No Visible,No Write and No Delete respectively. You can also set a combinationof these protection types according to their needs; e.g. No Deleteand No Write can be selected simultaneously to make your filesdelete-proof and write-protected.

Folder Protect’s Masking Protection is another valuable featurethat protects all popular extensions like *.avi, *.gif, *.jpeg,*.bmp, *.mp3, *.wmv, *.mpeg, *.doc and many more. It lets youprotect all the files of a same format with a single mouseclick.

Furthermore, Folder Protect’s Context Menu allows you to passwordprotect your files directly from the Windows Explorer without theneed to start the program first.

Give Folder Protect a try to see what it’s all about!

Here are some key features of “Folder Protect”:
Data in Use Protection:
– Folder Protect offers a new concept of ‘Data in Use’ protection.It does not only password protect your data but also let you choosesecurity levels for your data, so that you can choose making yourfiles inaccessible, invisible, delete-proof or write-protected.

Access Protected Items:
– Customize type of security to make your files and foldersaccessible but delete-proof and write-protected. You can alsoaccess hidden files by giving exact path of those files in RUN,Windows Explorer or by using DOS mode.

Hide Files and Folders:
– Folder Protect hides your data in such a way that it cannot beviewed, searched for or deleted without knowing the correct path oryour password. Hidden data will remain invisible even if yourestart your PC or select ‘Show Hidden Files’.

Maximum Protection:
– Folder Protect uses Windows Kernel level protection that workseven in Safe mode ensuring maximum protection of your data.

Make your Data Loss-proof:
– Never worry about data loss, data theft or privacy breach.Protect your data with Folder Protect.

Make your Data Write-protected:
– Folder Protect lets you prevent redundant modification of yourdata by other users. Your data remain write-protected with FolderProtect!

Stealth Mode Feature:
– This feature helps you maintain your secrecy by hiding all theshort cuts of the program from Desktop, Quick Launch, Start Menu,Add/Remove programs item and context menu in Explorer. Run theprogram with a hotkey of your choice.

– Activate Auto-protection and set an idle time to get your filesautomatically protected after that time period.

Installer Size: 4.5 MB

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