Tue. Apr 20th, 2021
GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption v6.1.0 Crack


Software Description: GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption v6.1.0 Keygen Serial

Gili USB Stick Encryption helps you passwordprotect USB drives, Thumb drives, Memory sticks, USB StickEncryption helps you password protect USB drives, Thumb drives,Memory sticks, Pen drives, Jump drives and Flash drives.

USB flash drives are the most popular way to move data from onePC to another. They are small in size but can carry gigabytes ofdata. They are easy to use, convenient, affordable, but at the sametime they pose a security risk and can be easily lost, stolen ormisplaced. A secure USB drive with password protection is a mustthese days as the data that it contains may cost you millions ofdollars if stolen or lost.

With Gili USB Stick Encryption your USB flash drives and all otherexternal storage devices can be very easily password protected. Toprotect your USB drives, you can use Gili USB Stick Encryption toinstall this encryption software onto your USB flash drive. Afterinstalling the software, the device will be password protected andencrypted by 256-bit AES.

To access your data again, you can plug-in your USB drive into thecomputer and run the program “agent.exe” on your USB drive. Tounprotect your secure USB drives, click ‘Uninstall’ and entercorrect user name and password to uninstall this encryptionsoftware from the drive. Another great feature of Gili USB StickEncryption is that it divides USB drive into two areas: public areaand secure area.

You can store normal files in public area, and store sensitive datain secure area. Needless to say, all the data stored in the securearea will be encrypted therefore totally hidden.

Here are some key features of “USB Stick Encryption”:
Password Protection:
– Gili USB Stick Encryption is a powerful tool to password protectall your external portable media. No matter what type of externalstorage device you use, USB stick encryption password protects itwithin seconds.

Compatible Everywhere:
– Gili USB Stick Encryption works on all flavors of Windows. USBstick encryption works perfectly well on all external portablemedia like USB flash drives, Thumb Drives, Memory Sticks, MemoryCards, Pen Drives and Jump Drives.

Complete Security of your Data:
– Whatever information, files, folders and documents you put inyour USB drive, USB stick encryption keeps them completelysecured.

Reliable and Independent:
– Gili USB Stick Encryption protects data using several layers ofpatent pending protection methods. This makes its protection, PCand hardware independent.

Peace of Mind:
– Total peace of mind from security leaks and privacy breaches.Never again fear of what’s happening to your device while it islost.

User Friendly Interface:
– Gili USB Stick Encryption is easy to install, run and use. Itdoesn’t complicate it’s users with technical jargon common in otherencryption programs.

Ease of Use:
– A very easy to use program with user-friendly interface.

Installer Size: 3.7 MB

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